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Home Remedies to Fix a Cracked or Broken Tooth

There are several different types of broken or cracked teeth. Cracked teeth show a kind of symptoms, comprising erratic pain when chewing, perhaps with the relief of biting pressure, or pain if the tooth has exposed to temperature utmost. In many cases, the pain might come & go, and the dentist might have difficulty finding which tooth is causing the trouble. If you are feeling these dental symptoms or speculate a cracked tooth, consult an endodontist, who specializes in saving broken teeth.

The treatment & outcome for your tooth depends on the nature, location, and length of the crack. If you believe you have broken tooth, it is essential to seek treatment immediately, before the problem gets worse. Once treated, most broken teeth continue to function and provide years of comfortable chewing.

Home Remedies to Fix a Cracked or Broken Tooth

What is Broken Tooth?

  • A break in tooth causing pain? Well, it is common to rupture, chip or knock out the tooth after eating something hard, or after a waft to the face.
  • A broken or cracked tooth is the tooth that has become broken. It occurs due to some reasons:
  • Excess tooth grinding
  • Huge fillings or biting of something hard such as ice, fruit stones, meat bones, boiled sweets.
  • A blow to lower jaw or chin
  • bone loss, Gum disease
  • Sudden changes in temperature of the mouth
  • Severe temperatures particularly cold will cause discomfort. Your tooth will become sensitive to sweet. A small area of the gum near an affected tooth might swell.

How to Fix the Broken Tooth at Home?

  • Home Remedies to Fix a Cracked or Broken ToothDo not handle the tooth by its root. Avoid touching the root & hold the tooth from its crown.
  • Do not brush or scratch the broken tooth.
  • In case the broken tooth is dirty, wash it with milk or a saline solution & keep it back into its socket in the mouth at the earliest.
  • Don’t use water or alcohol to wash the tooth.
  • Fix broken tooth at home by biting down on the clean material such as cloth or a wet tea bag to hold it in its socket.

If you do not know how to fix the broken tooth yourself, hold the tooth between the cheek & gums till you see a dentist. Alternatively, you can keep the tooth in a clean container covered in milk or your saliva.

How to Fix Chipped Tooth at Home?

Chipped tooth repair at home is probable, but you must see the dentist as there will be complications connected with the chipped tooth.

Take care of the wound instantly. A cold compress ice pack should be used instantly to ease any inflammation. If a pain is intolerable, painkillers such as paracetamol should be taken.

Cover the exposed nerves of the tooth with temporary dental cement before you see the dentist.

If a small part is chipped off or just a corner of the tooth is broken, then use the emery board to somewhat file down the tooth to enhance the look. Also prevents further damage to the chipped tooth. More than one filing will be essential to enhance the appearance of the tooth but be careful to avoid removing too much of the teeth.

Try to avoid chewing from that side of the mouth where a chipped tooth is present. Use foods that are soft in nature, low in sugar, and of neutral temperatures such as plain yoghurt or curd, soft bread or soup.

  • Prevent Teeth excellent
  • It is not possible to completely prevent cracking teeth, but some precautions can taken such as:
  • Wear a mouth guard
  • Avoid biting or chewing on hard things

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