10 ways feet could save your life

10 ways feet could save your life

10 ways feet could save your life

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Your feet can reveal a lot about your health right from the risk of diabetes to deficiency of nutrients you may suffer. So, if you have any of foot issues we are going to talk about, visit the doctor soon. This visit could save the life. Here are 10 ways feet could save your life.

Swollen feet:

It is fairly common as you age if you are pregnant or overweight. But swollen feet can point out diabetes, leg infection, varicose veins & intake of high amount of salt.

Smelly feet:

Most of the people think that smelly feet are caused due to poor hygiene, which is true in some of the cases. But it can also be because to bacterial growth on skin, athlete’s foot or wearing poor-quality shoes.

Itchy feet:

Dry skin & allergy can make feet itchy, but there is more to it than this. Diseases like diabetes, gout, eczema, psoriasis & scabies can also cause itchy feet, particularly at night.

Burning feet:

Do not ignore burning feet thinking it may heal with time. It can be a sign of the underlying diseases like hypothyroidism, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension, vasculitis, & even vitamin B 12 deficiency.

Heel pain:

A very common issue, it is frequently caused due to wrong footwear & high heels. Although, it can also be caused due to injury (RSI — repetitive stress injury), bursitis, bony spurs, plantar fascitis & arthritis.

Foot sores:

The most common cause of sores that do not heal is diabetes. And if it is connected with itching & corns, get yourself tested for diabetes instantly.

Cold feet:

 10 ways feet could save your lifeIf you have crossed 40 years & are often experiencing cold feet, this could be due to hypothyroidism. Another cause for this can be poor circulation of the blood.

Swelling of big toe:

If you wake up with a sudden red and swollen toe in the morning, most possibly you could be suffering from gout. Another reason for pain & swelling of the big toe may be osteoarthritis or injury of ligaments.

Dry and peeling skin:

If you thought only the hands and face can turn dry and peeling, you are wrong. Dry & blistering skin on the feet indicates athlete’s foot & fungal infection.

Pitted or coloured toenails:

As Pitted toenails mean that you might be at risk of psoriasis, yellow toenails could indicate a fungal infection. Although, in some cases it can be due to rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

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