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Health benefits of honey

Health benefits of honey

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Honey has the great use in beauty & health. The sweet nectar is loaded with the iron, calcium, sodium chlorine, potassium, phosphate, & magnesium. Honey is known to make softer skin and repair damaged hair. Here are some of the tips to use of honey in the beauty care and health benefits of honey.

Treat dry skin

Honey is great treatment for the dry skin. It has moisturising properties that help to soften the dry skin. Apply some of the honey on chapped lips, the knees & elbows and see the result. Keep it on for about 30 minutes to work up its magic on the skin. Wash with water.

Honey facial

Honey is the great for facial skin. You do not require to indulge on costly spa facials when the few spoons of honey can work surprises on the skin. Use honey as face mask to gain the benefits of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and ultra-moisturizing properties. Honey can be used alone or mixed with milk. Let it stay on skin for 10 minutes, to derieve its beauty benefits. Rinse it off with water.

Honey exfoliation

Health benefits of honeyYou can also use the honey as a naturally exfoliator. For this take some honey in the bowl and add sugar and mix. Use this as the moisturising scrub.

Honey as energy improve

Honey is the healthy alternative to sugar for energy enhance. Use it as the sweetener in your tea, coffee, in baked goodies and while cooking. The difference in energy level would soon be noticed by you.

So go ahead and use honey to improve your beauty and heal your body.

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