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Cleanse Your Lungs In 2 Days

Cleanse Your Lungs In 2 Days

If you have been smoking since long, it is the time you flush the lungs. The best thing to do is to discontinue the habit once & for all and follow the lung detox routine that helps the lungs recover a bit from the bombarding chemicals that have desolated them since long.

Well, how to refine your lungs? Although there are several other ways, let us discuss the simplest form. Yes, you can clean the lungs naturally.

But you want some self-control & discipline to start out with this routine. Quit smoking & try the below steps to heal the lungs.

Take some time out. You want 2 to 3 days of leisure time. Try it out on weekends when you are free & have no other work to do. Cleanse Your Lungs In 2 Days.


For 2 to 3 days, stay away from the dairy products. No milk, no coffee. It helps the system to clear the toxins or unhealthy substances inside.


Consume the cup of green tea at night before going to sleeping. Your intestines would thank you for releasing up the impurities lying over there.


Drink some lemon water after waking up. The antioxidants present in the lemons are very important in the cleansing process.

Cleanse Your Lungs In 2 DaysStep:4

Drink a glass of pineapple juice along with the breakfast.


After breakfast, Dring carrot juice. Your blood would get alkalized.

Step: 6

After lunch eat a banana. The potassium content in bananas helps that cleansing process.

Step: 7

At night, Drink cranberry juice. It helps reduce bacteria in the lungs.

Step : 8

Perform exercises that force to breathe heavily. It helps the lungs work hard to get healthy.


Go for steam bath the next day to reduce toxins or unhealthy substances through sweat.


Inhale the steam of water in which two drops of eucalyptus oil has added. It would soothe the respiratory system a bit.

Follow these Cleanse Your Lungs In 2 Days steps and stay healthy !!

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