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Christmas Special Haircare Tip: DIY Banana Hair Mask for Dry & Dull Hair

Is the hair dry, dull & moisture-deprived? Banana hair mask would combine ample of moisture & shine into the lifeless tresses. With loads of vitamin C, antioxidants, & other goodness, bananas are excellent for your hair. Read about DIY Banana Hair Mask

How to prepare Banana Hair Mask

Ingredients Required:

  • Banana: 1 Ripe (no. of bananas used based on length of your hair)
  • Olive oil or coconut oil: 2 tablespoon
  • Honey: 2 tablespoon
  • Full-fat milk: Half cup (you can too use the coconut milk or yogurt)
  • Butter : 1 tablespoon (optional)

DIY Banana Hair MaskProcedure to make Banana Hair Mask

  1. Pick the ripe banana (s), take it in the blender (or utilize the stick blender).
  2. Really ripe banana work well for this recipe.
  3. Then, combine honey, coconut or olive oil, & milk & blend really well.
  4. You do not need any chunks, simply smooth paste of creamy texture. This will make it simpler to rinse out.

Banana tip: If you desire to save yourself the trouble of blending the banana, just apply banana baby food puree. Open the banana puree bottle, combine the remaining components & blend well & you are ready to go. This will more save you from banana bits adhering to the hair.

How to apply Banana Hair Mask

  • Apply this mask beginning at roots & working the way to the ends.
  • Slather as much as you can, making certain you have included each bit of the scalp & hair. Dry the hair in the loose bun if long.
  • Put on the shower cap or wrap the towel around your head to stop dripping all over the house.
  • Allow this on for regarding 30 minutes. While you wait for thirty minutes.
  • Put few sea salt & the few drops of lavender essential oil & soaked in for the relaxing bath.
  • Then clean hair thoroughly & shampoo as normal. You may not necessary to condition the hair (Notice how the hair feels).
  • Allow the hair for air dry.
  • And enjoy the beautiful hair

Word of caution:

Do not attempt this mask simply before the party or some significant event. Try this at the leisure time therefore you are not left pulling the hair if anything was to go wrong. Read about banana and jeera for weight loss

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