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Are Fruit Juices Unhealthy?

Are Fruit Juices Unhealthy?

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Are fruit juices unhealthy? No, it depends upon the certain factors. Let us discuss about them here. Firstly, it is always good to eat the fruit or the vegetable compared to juicing it down.

During the juicing process, you tend to remove its skin or flesh. Also, when you filter it, the fibre content in it goes waste. The whole point of consuming a juice is missed when you throw away the fibre.

And next factor is whether you add sugar to it. If you consume sweetened fruit juices then you are just increasing the risk. They are caloric-burden to the metabolism. So, is juice bad for you?

No, sugar content in fruit juice is the first enemy & the removal of fibre content is the second enemy. Sugar free fruit juices can be the better option.

But still, eating the fruit in its raw form is always better compared to juicing. Read on for some reasons. Are Fruit Juices Unhealthy?

Are Fruit Juices Unhealthy?Fact  : 1

If contaminated water is used, then the health risk may increase. Avoid drinking fruit juices from road side outlets where they sell juices.

Fact  : 2

The fibre content, minerals, vitamins & even antioxidants present in the fruit slow down the amalgamation process when you eat it as it is. But when you juice it down, the fructose in it gets absorbed too fast which is not healthy.

Fact  : 3

Packaged fruit juice is not all sensible as it contains added flavours which are not healthy. Eating the raw fruit is the best method of gaining its nutrients.Packaged fruit juice is not all sensible as it contains added flavours which are not healthy. Eating a raw fruit is the best method of gaining its nutrients.

Fact : 4

When a fruit is consumed, your system takes time to process it. But when you consume it in form of juice, it spikes the blood sugar levels as liquids require lesser time to be processed. This sudden spike isnot so great for your health.

Fact : 5

The process of juicing might strip away some nutrients as well as fibre content present in the fruit. So, a juice might end up as an unhealthy sugary drink devoid of nutrients if it is processed too much.

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