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How to Apply Kajal on Lower Lid to Look Beautiful?

I think most of your will be having the question how to apply kajal on lower lid and make your look attractive. Do no worry much about it because this article contains the best answer for your question. Kajal is also known as kohl and it is something which most of the women apply on every day to enhance the beauty of their eyes. A long time ago, this tradition has come into the picture from Middle East, Africa and Egypt. Nowadays people have been using for cosmetic purpose and kajal is coming in various styles like kohl box, liquid liner, and eyeliner sticks. Below are some useful tips which help you to get an answer for your question how to apply kajal on lower lid.

Applying kohl on eyes can be tricky for many people as it need be perfect in order to look good. Irregular or smudgy lines will spoil your look and end up with giving bad eye look. Previously there was a time when kajal was applied using fingers. But, now there are eyeliner sticks available which made ease of task of applying kajal.

How to apply kajal on lower lid in a right way?

Take an eyeliner stick having a sharp end, and starting from the inner corner of eyelids towards the outside draw a liner. To apply on lower lid, with the help of ring finger pull your lower lid and look in the skyward direction. Taking help of other hand try to draw the line using kajal stick. Make sure you are not stressing your eyes by pressing it and also avoid eyeliner getting inside your eye lid. Try to draw lines in the shape of your eyes, as it makes your eyes look attractive. In order to achieve this, stand in front of the mirror and practice it for a couple of times. It is always better to make a clean sweep of kajal in one go as it plays a major role in enhancing the beauty of eyes. Once you draw a line in one go, you can make it thicker or darker if you wish to. Using sharpened tips to draw lines will end up in drawing fine lines of kajal on your eyes.

How to select good kajal to apply on lower lid?

Since there are numerous products of kajal available in the market, it becomes imperative to choose the best eyeliner. You opt for the kajal which is smudge-proof and long lasting. If the kajal is not a smudge free, then if rain comes or happy tears or any such situation then your eyeliner will be wiped off along with rain or tear. It gives an ugly look to your face. If you choose the long lasting and smudge free kajal, then it gives a great look to your eyes, thus enhancing your beauty. Choose the kajal which is having intense color pigment and nourishing ingredients in it. In order to make you look even greater, consider using Mascara to your eyelashes. Make use of this article and try to draw fine lines in a single go. Hope you got an answer for your question how to apply kajal on lower lid.

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