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7 Ways To instantly Stop Nose Bleeding

7 Ways To instantly Stop Nose Bleeding

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There are many causes of the bleeding from your nose. In most of the cases, a nosebleed is not the matter of concern. Although, if a lot of the blood lost due to nose bleeding or if it happen on a very daily basis, it requires medical attention to rule out any of the serious causes.

Some common causes of the nose bleeding are nasal allergies, small wound in the nose, cold, flu, high altitude, dry air & extreme nose blowing.

Nose bleeding must remain stopped instantly otherwise it can lead to the blood loss & will make you weak. Irrespective of the cause of the nose bleeding, there are some simple tips to stop it instantly.

You can rapidly stop the nose bleeding at home by simple home remedies. These remedies may heal the nose wounds that bleed, moisturise dry nose & also treat irritation of nose that causes the nose bleeding.

Steaming would ease nasal congestion and cleanse the nose. It would also relax the nasal blood vessels.

Here are some effectual home remedies to instantly stop nose bleeding.

 7 Ways To instantly Stop Nose BleedingWhite Vinegar

Vinegar cleanses the nose & dries up the wound that is bleeding inside the nose. It may also heal the wound. Dip the cotton ball in white vinegar & socket with this cotton inside the bleeding nostril. Leave it for a few minutes and the nose bleeding will stop instantly.


The steaming can treat nose bleeding caused by congestion & stuffy nose. Steaming would also relax the blood vessels of the nose that last knotted. Boil water & then inhale the steam by putting a towel over the head.

Salt For Nasal Irrigation

Irritation of nose can also cause the nose to bleed. To get rid of nasal irritation & allergy that causes the nose to bleed, use the salt water. Mix 1 tsp of salt in the cup of water & flush your nose with it.


If bleeding is due to injury on the nose, then use ice. Ice is constricting nasal blood vessels to stop bleeding & reduce swelling. Break some ice cubes and place it into a plastic bag. Cover bag with the towel. Contract with it gently on the bridge of your nose and hold until bleeding stops.

Vitamin E Oil

A dry nose can also bleed & is the major reason of that. Every time your nose bleeds, prick a vitamin E capsule to release oil into it. Put the oil inside the nose to moisturise & hydrate your nose. Vitamin E also helps to heal nose wounds.


A little pressure applied to the nose can sometimes stop the bleeding from the nose. Press slightly the bleeding nostril using the tissue or a handkerchief. Press it quietly several times.

Vitamin C

Rich Foods Vitamin C is an only vitamin that heals wounds by the formation of the new collagen. This vitamin may stop nose bleeding by healing the nasal wounds. It may also enhance the immunity & prevent you from common colds & flu. You can have papayas, tomatoes, oranges, etc. as a source of vitamin C.

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