5 symptoms Of Diseases Revealed By Feet

5 symptoms Of Diseases Revealed By Feet

5 symptoms Of Diseases Revealed By Feet

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When a person regularly suffers from any disease, there are chances that they ignore the original symptoms that our body discloses. There are few symptoms of diseases that revealed by our feet. Did you Confused? Read on to know more about these 5 symptoms Of Diseases Revealed By Feet.

Few major symptoms of diseases can be disclosed by our body parts like swelling of hands disclose Carpel Tunnel syndrome. One supposed to take note of these changes in initial stages as it can avoid any more damage.

Feet make known a lot about our overall health. It is one of the major signaling point in the body that reveals the well-being. Avoid ignoring any differences in feet be it minor or major as it could be the original signs of any disease.

5 symptoms Of Diseases Revealed By FeetChanges in feet can alert us to our serious problems like diabetes, thyroid & even heart disease before go to a doctor. Read on to know about feet signs that disclose health conditions.

Dry And Flaky Feet

It can be the major sign of “Thyroid problem”. It can stand noticed if you feel the extra amount of moisturizer is not helping. It is one of 5 symptoms of diseases revealed by feet.

Unhealed ulcers

When you have ulcers or any accidental wound on those feet or any other part of a body that does not heal, then know that it can be the major sign of “Diabetes”. As an uncontrolled level of the sugar in the blood damages the nerves & it causes the poor blood circulation to the body particularly the feet. When blood does not reach the wound, it does not heal faster. Get the simple diabetic test done to check the sugar level when you heal do not heal.

Painful Big Toe

Foods that are rich & high in purine levels are the cause for this. It is the chemical compound that is found mostly in the red meats, fish, & certain alcohol. The purine triggers an attack by raising levels of uric acid in the body. Check with the dietician who can help with the right diet for this condition. It is one of the symptoms of diseases revealed by feet.

Red Lines Under Toenails

It is the major sign of “Heart infection”. Tiny red streaks appear on an inside of the toenails. It occurs when the blood vessels broken. This condition known as splinter hemorrhages. People who are talking treatment of chemotherapy or are HIV or diabetes patients have this symptom. See the doctor & get yourself checked when this symptom appears as doing so can help you avoid a lot of damages.


When association appears on both toe fingers, then it is the major sign of “Lung cancer”. Apart from lung cancer clubbing is frequently connected with a chronic lung infection, heart disease, or even intestinal disease. Make sure to get yourself checked if this symptom appears. It is another symptom that our feet reveal about diseases.

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