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6 Ways To Naturally Reduce Your Cholesterol

6 Ways To Naturally Reduce Your Cholesterol

More than 80 % people in the world die because of the heart disease almost every day. The reason being high cholesterol. When you do not attend to high cholesterol it could be deadly. Low-density lipoprotein or LDL is the type of bad cholesterol which the being slowly & steadily.

To decrease the cholesterol levels, there are certain foods which can help you. These foods on the list are so powerful that it helps to prevent collection of LDL in the walls of blood vessels. If you prevent this there would be no blockages in the heart to cause you the heart attack.

These simple home remedies to lessen cholesterol levels should be followed every day to help to decrease the high levels. Take a look at these foods which have been mentioned below.

 Orange Juice

Drinking 2 glasses of orange juice daily on an empty stomach is one of the best home remedies to reduce cholesterol levels. Orange juice helps to maintain a normal level and therefore keeps the blood stream healthy. Choose for only natural orange juice instead of tetra pack.


Red wine is another home remedy to help decrease the cholesterol. Make it a habit to sip on the glass of wine after a meal. Studies have shown, wine and draught beer boost the HDL cholesterol levels efficiently.

Brown Foods

Wheat foods are much healthier than the white foods. It can help to reduce the levels of cholesterol in no time also enhancing the body’s immunity. It is best to switch to brown rice & whole grain bread to improve HDL levels and lower the type of blood fat called triglycerides when high.

6 Ways To Naturally Reduce Your Cholesterol

Olive Oil

Vegetable oil is not an choice if you want to live the healthy life. It is best to switch to olive oil as it contains mono unsaturated fat which in turn helps to control & decrease the cholesterol level in the body.

Fibre Foods

Studies have shown that grains & whole fibre foods allow to lessen the cholesterol in body efficiently. It contains soluble fiber, beta glucan which thereby reduces the LDL by 12 to 24 %. Example: oats.


Natural honey is any day better than the teaspoon of sugar. Natural honey contains cholesterol-reducing constituents which helps to attack homocysteine, a type of amino acid known to improve the risk of peripheral vascular disease & heart disease. Switch to honey to lead a better healthy life.

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