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5 Side Effects Of Exercise

Exercises offer many benefits. But are there any side effects of exercise? Well, sometimes your body can react to your exercises in a negative way. Cramps and sprains are nothing but your body’s reactions.

Well, when it comes to the positive side effects of exercise, there are a lot of them. Your mood gets a boost, you can lose weight, your blood circulation gets better and your health gets enhanced.

Well, when it comes to soreness and build up of lactic acid, you don’t need to worry much. But what about the other negative effects of exercise? Well, let us discuss about them in this post. Here I explained 5 Side Effects Of Exercises.


Dizziness during the workout or after the workout can be due to many reasons. Ensure that you are properly hydrated if you involve yourself in intense workouts.


When you are trying to lift heavier, if your hands and legs start shaking, it just means that you are fatigued or your blood sugar levels are low or it could simply mean that you are totally exhausted. If the shakiness persists even after a few hours of your workout, ensure that you eat a proper diet before your workouts in order to retain the blood sugar levels.

Heart Burn

5 Side Effects Of ExerciseDon’t eat anything just before you lift heavy. Maintain some gap between the eating and lifting if you experience heart burn.

Stomach Pain

When you run too fast, all of a sudden, you might experience some kind of pain at one side of your stomach. Try to breathe properly and maintain the right form or posture during your workout.


Some people may even experience nausea when they get into workouts. If it happens to you immediately, reduce the intensity of your workouts.

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