What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Health?

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Do not you love it when the birthday comes once in a year? It is an enthusiasm which no one can reject, no matter what age you reach at. Birthdays are some how connected with your health and life, no surprise astrologers exist.

It is believed that month of your birthday suggests your health & lifespan. Although many would not come to terms with this findings, we have the few health conditions might face in your life that is strongly related to month you were born in.

If you have been suffering from any of these health issues, you would close the eyes to believe that this is true. No matter what you are affected with, there is always a solution to the problem with the introduction of new technology.

Today, there is a cure for everything, so do not be disheartened by these facts about what your birthday month tells you about the health issues. Take a look:

FYI: A new study from Columbia University Medical Center shows that the risk for 55 diseases – such as ADHD, asthma, and heart disease – is related to the birth month.

What Does Your Birthday Say About Your Health?January

People who are born in the month of January might experience issues with the heart – like diseases & attacks. Blood pressure too seems to be one of the many other problems.


People who are born in the month of February are likely to suffer from the lung problems. These people are also prone to getting Bronchus tumors.


All kinds of issues related to the heart. March people have the leaning to suffer from irregular heartbeat & circulatory issues apart from heart diseases.


People who are born in the month of April are likely to suffer from chest pains which are in doubt linked to the heart. Alongside, other heart issues.


May is the good month to be born in, since it has not many health problems. The person may suffer from a common cold & fever which is pretty much human to deal with.


The month of June brings along respiratory problems which is asthma, wheezing. Those born in this month would also witness chest pain now at intervals in their life.


July is another nice month as it has least amount of health issues. Thus, it is said that people born in July are always healthy.


Eye infections is one of the many health problems people face who are born in August. Are you one of them?


Those who are born in month of September have a lot of health issues. From problems related to pregnancy & childbirth, psychological disorders, ear infections, respiratory problems & much more.


People who are born in October too have many complications in relation to their health. From the many, these people suffer from heavy periods, stomach infections, viral infections, insect bites, respiratory issues along with lung infections and more.


Viral diseases, colon issues, pregnancy problems, vaginal infections, learning difficulties, diarrhea and more.


Bruising is a common health problem which many people face who are born in the last month of the year, December.


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