Use of Facial Epilators and Best Available Epilators

Use of Facial Epilators and Best Available Epilators

Facial hair can be a real nuisance for every lady. It hides the complexion of the skin and is one of the main culprits behind an irregular complexion. The facial hair also makes it difficult to witness this perfect airbrush look unless you put on a good layer of makeup. Learn Use of Facial Epilators and Best Available Epilators

They look anesthetic and just not feminine. Thus, removing unwanted facial hair is a regular part of the ladies beauty routine unless you are born with very fine and light-colored facial hair.

Why use a facial epilator?

There are many different techniques to remove unwanted facial hair. Hair removal, hair removal with tweezers, threading, using chemical removers, shaving, hair removal are some of the ways that women often adopt to get rid of unwanted facial hair. However, all these methods come with their disadvantages.

Wax, plucking and threading are all very painful and can be harmful to the sensitive skin of the face. Plumage with a tweezer is extremely time-consuming if you have a lot of facial hair. Chemical cleansers are also not safe for the face of the skin. Shaving without pain and the least amount of time always comes with the anxiety of growing thicker stubs on the face.

This is where the facial epilators come in. Epilators remove the hair from their roots and therefore with time the hair growth is seriously reduced.

As in this case, the hair is removed from the root, hence it takes relatively longer to grow back and often the new hairs are much thinner. These are the main reasons behind the growing popularity of facial epilators. However, this process is also painful, especially for sensitive facial skin.

How to Use a Facial Hair Remover?

Before entering into the way to use a facial epilator, let’s first point out that there are two types of facial epilators, electronic epilators, and manual epilators. These two varieties have their own advantages and disadvantages and therefore you should choose one according to your needs and preferences.

Use of Facial Epilators and Best Available EpilatorsHow to use a manual epilator

Step 1:

Before starting waxing clean your face with a proper cleanser and make sure there is no dirt, grime, lotion or makeup glued to your skin.

Step 2:

Hold both ends of the epilator in both hands in the shape of a “U” and roll it on the facial skin from where you want to remove unwanted hair. While rolling on the skin, also roll the ends of the epilator into your fingers. You should move the epilator in the opposite direction of hair growth with a slow but steady movement.

Step 3:

Once you have covered the target area, check if you have achieved the desired results. Otherwise, repeat the process.

Step 4:

Once you’re done, splash your face with plenty of warm water, dry yourself and then follow up with a light moisturizer.

Step 5:

Clean, dry, and properly store your epilator in accordance with the instructions provided in the package.

How to use an electronic epilator

Step 1:

Clean your face properly with a facial cleanser. You should not have any dirt, oil, lotion or makeup on your skin while waxing. Also, pat your skin dry after washing before starting with the process.

Step 2:

Even if you have stored the epilator after cleaning it is a good practice to clean the head once more before starting the process.

Step 3:

Turn on the epilator and set the speed. It is suggested to start with an average speed, then increase or decrease as required.

Step 4:

Press the epilator head against the facial skin of the area from where you want to remove the hairs. Now slip the epilator gently on the skin in the opposite direction to hair growth. Make sure to move the epilator in a slow and even motion.

Step 5:

Once the hair has been removed, splash your face with excess warm water, pat dry and immediately follow with a moisturizer.

Step 6:

Remove the head from the epilator, clean it, dry it and keep it as recommended.

Note: You can use the electronic epilator only on hair with a length of at least 1/4 inch. Trying to depilate hair with less than this length can be more painful and dangerous for the skin.

So, now that you know how to use epilators, we will get to the best epilators available on the market. This list will include manual and electric epilators so you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

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