Usage of Amla for Hair Loss

Usage of Amla for Hair Loss

Suffering from hair fall problems? A range of natural remedies are available which will help you control hair loss effectively. Amla is one such herbal fruit whose use on regular basis will help you deal with problem of hair loss in an effective manner. Read Usage of Amla for Hair Loss

Use of Amla as a hair tonic

Take a fresh amla and squeeze some juice out of it. The juice can be applied directly on the scalp. Massage the juice gently with your fingertips. Leave this juice on for about an hour. This can then be washed with any milder herbal shampoo. With regular application of this amla juice, the scalp gets nourished leaving the hair strands strong.

Use of Amla as a hair wash

Cut some fresh amla and put it in boiling water. The liquid needs to be strained after half an hour. Dried amla can be used for hair wash after soaking the same in water for whole night. Strain the liquid in the morning.

Wash your hair with this preparation and your hair fall will reduce to a large extent.

Amla Juice for Hair loss

You can eat amla for controlling hair fall. Drinking a glass full of amla juice on daily basis can help you deal with problem of hair fall effectively. This juice needs to be taken on an empty stomach every day.

Use of Amla as a Hair tonic

Extract some amla juice in a small bowl. Alongside, you need to squeeze out juice from fresh lemon and mix the same in the bowl with amla juice. This mixture can be applied over the scalp with some massage with finger tips.

Leave this paste for half an hour and wash it with lukewarm water. The hair strands will get fortified from within and will become stronger eventually.

Amla use for effective hair loss control

Amla when mixed with coconut oil is a potent herbal mixture for controlling hair loss. Raw amla needs to be cut into thin slices so that a small pot gets filled out of the same. This needs to be dried for 3 to 4 days in shade.

Usage of Amla for Hair Loss

Boil some coconut oil and add these amla flakes to the same. This mixture needs to be cooked until the time this mixture turns into a thick dark paste. Apply this thick liquid paste on to your scalp thoroughly and leave it for some time.

This mixture when applied on a regular basis will revitalize the hair and make them stronger.

Amla for hair fall control

Amla in association with almond hair oil can strengthen the hair and make them stronger. Pour out some almond oil in a bowl and add some amla juice in it. Warm this mixture for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave this mixture for few hours and wash off with a mild version of hair shampoo.

Regular use of this mixture will boost blood flow through the scalp and will reduce hair fall to a great extent.

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Usage of Amla for hair loss

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