Unhealthy Monsoon Mistakes To Avoid

Unhealthy monsoon mistakes to avoid

Unhealthy Monsoon Mistakes To Avoid

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Who does not love the cold & wet weather of monsoon after the hot summer season? Although this weather is much loved by one & all, it is one of those seasons in the year which hits our face with and number of health issues.

Colds, flu, immune diseases & the works play destruction only during the monsoon season when we pay less attention to our health. Thus, Yabibo has lined up the list of unhealthy monsoon mistakes to avoid making this time of year.

These monsoon mistakes that we all be inclined to make are silly & can be avoided with easiness. To lessen the unhealthy habits in monsoon, you first have to follow the healthy ones like cooking a luxurious meal indoors rather than choosing for outside meals.

Personal cleanliness, following the strict diet with exercise, saying no to bad habits like lazing around in bed all day & so on.

Unhealthy monsoon mistakes to avoidSo, to keep fit & avoid visiting clinics & hospitals, here are some of the unhealthy monsoon mistakes to avoid. Have a look:

Binging On Fried Foods

A cup of chai & a handful of pakoras or samosas ,ight seem like perfect treat in this monsoon season. But, it is regarded as worst food since it contains the lot of oil. These foods that are richly fried in the oil cause bloating & other digestive issues.

Keep away from Water

When you avoid water in the monsoon, you become dehydrated. Dehydration leads to the asymmetrical blood pressure levels, lack of energy and inappropriate blood circulation in the body.

Getting Wet In The Rain

It may seem fun to play in the rain with the loved ones. But, did you know this is one of the worst unhealthy monsoon mistakes to avoid. The droplets of the rain are harmful as it carries pollution & dirt.

Ignoring A Simple Fever

Never ignore the fever in monsoon season. It is during this weather mosquitoes & other harmful bacterias flourish, causing you to fall sick.

Skipping Exercise

Due to the dark weather, people abstain from stepping outside & working out. Skipping exercise is not the good idea as it helps to keep the body active & healthy.


Overeating & not working out… ooops a bad grouping. It is good to follow a healthy diet with the tummy filling foods after the done with an hour assembly of exercise.

Personal Hygiene

Maintaining the good hygiene does not only mean cleaning the hands before & after a meal. This also involves rinseing the feet too after being soaked in the rain. Just like the hands, feet too carry harmful bacteria causing the monsoon disorders.


No To Vitamins It is best to continue or start on multivitamin medications in rainy season to keep the immunity strong, facilitating to combat off any disease.

Indulging In Green Veggies

Rich in Vitamin K, calcium, magnesium & other elements, green veggie should be avoided in this monsoon season.

Avoiding The Sun

Never avoid the sun in this monsoon. Try as much as you can to naturally attract all the Vitamin D for the betterment of the health

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