Tulsi face packs to cure acne


Tulsi face packs to cure acne

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Those small red colored lumps on the skin are not only uncomfortable but can be rather painful. There are many products on the market that swear to get rid of the acne & pimples.

Although some do work to an amount, the possibilities of getting relief are very meager. Besides, the chemical form of these products can cause more harm than good. In such cases, it is worth knowing Tulsi face packs to cure acne.

Before we go into cure part, it would be good to get the touch of background knowledge on acne or pimples. The causes of acne or pimples do not lie in not cleaning the face properly or having an unhealthy diet. In fact type of the skin, hereditary, and hormonal changes rule the causes to an enormous amount.

Those with the oily skin are more likely to acne. If even one of the parents is prone to acne, you stand the high possibility of getting pimples as well.

Acne mostly starts in the puberty when the body is undergoing the hormonal changes. If the skin is susceptive to it, this is the time acne may first resemble. As Tulsi leaves can cure acne, you should be reduced to know that help is right there in the backyard or kitchen garden. After all it is hard to find an Indian home without the Tulsi plant.

Tulsi face packs to cure acneCuring acne with Tulsi

Tulsi or Basil has many medicinal properties and is helpful in a variety of ways. It acts as a cure for many conditions & also known as a defensive action for many illnesses. Here we are examining the effects of Tulsi & how tulsi leaves can cure pimples or acne.


We know that giving a face a steam treatment helps unclog pores & helps the skin rest quickly. To this simple treatment, adding the few tulsi leaves can make a world of difference. In the steaming water add a handful of crushed tulsi leaves & then allow the face to soak up goodness. Although the steam would open up the pores, the goodness of Tulsi would seep in & give the skin a cleansing effect. It would also help combat the bacteria that might be producing acne.

Face Pack:

Face packs are another excellent way of pampering the skin & giving it an immediate improvement. The purpose of the face pack is not only to stretch the skin but also cleanse & ring the glow to the skin. If you are suffering from an acne, you would be happy to know that tulsi leaves can cure acne when added to the face pack. To make the face pack primarily based on the tulsi leaves, you can grind the few of the Tulsi leaves with a tablespoon of the gram flour.

Add sufficient water to make a thick paste that can quickly spread on the face. Rather of water, you can also add rose water to give the help to the pack. Apply the pack, let it dry & then cleanse away.

Tulsi Toner:

Making the tulsi toner is moderately straightforward & worth the effort since tulsi leaves can cure acne. In the cup of water, boil 7 to 10 tulsi leaves, dry or fresh, for about 10 minutes. If a person is using fresh leaves, make sure to grind them to release the oils. Keep the dish covered through boiling or more the water would dry up. Allow the mix to cool & apply the liquid as the skin toner.

These are simple ways how tulsi leaves can cure acne. One very basic method is to make simply a paste of Tulsi leaves & apply on the pretended space.

It does not matter either you are suffering from the pimples or acne at a particular moment. If you give the skin a tulsi treatment on a daily basis, it will serve as a precautionary measure as well.

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