Try these 5 stylish hair braids

Try these 5 stylish hair braids

One wants to look good and hairstyle matters. One must choose a hairstyle according to one’s looks and also the occasion. Why not try these braided hairstyles to see how good you look. Stylish hair braids are in fashion these days and many like them for the casual look as well as formal wear.

Double Bun Braids

These sporty, braided double buns are convenient for the summer days as they are quick, easy and gentle on one’s natural hair.

How to do it?

1. One has to part one’s hair down the middle.

2. Run the moisturizing oils or rather the gel through one’s hair from the root to one’s tip in order to nourish and slick down one’s strands for a sleeker look.

3. Begin at the front of one side, then take a one-inch lock of hair and braid it.

4. Gather the rest of one’s unbraided hair from the same side, and tie it up with the braid that is at the back of one’s head. Let it come out in the form of a textured bun.

5. Repeat this on the other side.

World’s Simplest Crown Braid

This braided updo is indeed very posh to wear to a wedding or even to a ritzy dinner event. It takes only 5 minutes to make it.

1. One has to part one’s hair in the middle, then, later on, divide it into two rather even sections.

2. Braid each of this section regularly, and then secure the ends with a clear elastic. Lightly tug off the loops of these braids outwardly to make them fatter.

3. Next one has to flip the braids up and over one’s top part of the then head and secure them there with bobby pins. One needs a couple of bobby pins. Want to try these Men’s Hairstyles 2017?

4. Free a few of the strands of hair so they actually fall around one’s face for a softer, messier look.

Waterfall Twist

1. Start from the left side, and then grab a two-inch portion of one’s hair nearly about six inches back from one’s hairline, and then do split it in two.

2. Cross the piece that is nearest to one’s face over the other piece. Then, drop down that other piece, and pick up a newer piece of hair in its place.

3. Now, similar to the manner one did earlier in the previous step, cross the new piece on the bottom over that earlier top piece. Then, drop down the top piece. This is meant to the start the waterfall twist.

4. Repeat these steps, thus continuing one’s waterfall twist until one reaches the back of one’s head. Once one is there one has to pin the end of the twist a little aside.

5. Repeat the steps one through four on the right side of your head as well in order to create the same design.

6. Once one reaches the back of one’s head on the right, then one has to combine the ends of both the existing twists with a small elastic. An optional is to disguise the elastic by wrapping a small strand of hair around it and then trying to pin it underneath.

7. Finish off with an, of course, a mist of hairspray.

Try these 5 stylish hair braidsTwo Braids in One

1. Begin with unwashed hair sprayed throughout with dry shampoo.

2. Gather all of one’s hair to the side, and then divide it into two equal sections.

3. Braid one section regularly, and then secure it with elastic.

4. Next, braid the second part of the hair.

5. When one gets to the end of the second braid, one has to remove the elastic from the first braid, and then layer the end of one braid over of course the end of the other to be able to seamlessly combine them.

6. The secure both of the braids together with an elastic. Gently try to tug the loops of the braids outwardly to make them look fuller. One can make use of bobby pin to make sure the braids stay together.
’90s-Inspired Pigtails

This look reminds one of young Britney Spears in the best style; it is fashion obsession. It is it suits short-haired girls.

1. Brush one’s hair from the root to the tip in order to detangle the snarls while smoothing the hair cuticle.

2. Using a comb, part your hair in the middle, thus forming a clean line from forehead to the nape of one’s neck.

3. Starting with one side, braid down and then securing it with the clear elastic.

4. The repeat of course the other side.

5. Add a chic black headband, whether it’s thin satin or chunky velvet.

One can complete the look with khol eyes and have fresh dewy skin look.

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