Top 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Top 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

Top 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy Symptoms

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Being pregnant is the precious gift of womanhood. Women change a lot during the nine months of pregnancy, both physically & mentally. Some mothers-to-be thoroughly enjoy the trimesters, although some others struggle hard to complete the nine months.

Usually, many embarrassing pregnancy symptoms may vary in its severity from person to person. First-time mothers have more problem as they are new to the changes. The body changes along with some weird pregnancy symptoms.

The main issue is that your friends or relatives would not be able to speak about it, and the doctors would not consider it as a health problem.

Reasons for all these changes solely depend on the diet, hormones & of course, genes. You will look awkward, but the happiness of becoming the mother is more than what you can expect. It can be handled easily by making yourself strong mentally.

Here, let’s talk about the top 7 embarrassing pregnancy symptoms that prevail in women.

Top 7 Embarrassing Pregnancy SymptomsLeaking Urine

Maximum of the pregnant women finds leaking urine the nightmare. When a woman gets pregnant, her pelvic muscles become loose, and this may cause a little leak of urine. It has known as urinary incontinence. Leaking can occur when you sneeze or a cough, & this may extend till the end of the pregnancy period.


Pregnancy is the time the hormones may work harder to produce oil, and it can cause pimples & acne. You can work some of the simple home remedies to control the problem, but it is better to get the medical opinion before taking any medicines. During pregnancy, there are chances for dark pigmentation as well.


Around 80 percent, pregnant women experience constipation, at least during the end of the second trimester or during the third trimester. Reasons for constipation is that the bowel movement would be disturbed due to the action of the hormones. It is not the serious health concern, but it is one among the totally embarrassing the pregnancy symptoms.

Vaginal Discharge

One of the common embarrassing pregnancy symptoms is the vaginal discharge. It has seen in most of the pregnant women during the third trimester. There are no methods to reduce this as it is due to increase a level of pregnancy hormones. You can consult the doctor if the discharge has a bad odor.

Gas And Burping

One of the typical pregnancy symptoms is the problem with the digestive system. With the different digestive issues, pregnant women may produce gas & burping can happen at any time. It can be overcome by avoiding fatty foods. A small walk of 20 minutes can help to manage this problem.

Hair Growth

Yes, we do like the hair, but not in the unwanted place. During the pregnancy time, hormones will work hard to make your hair grow faster. The hair on the head will also become shinier than usual, but a growth of excess hair will trouble you.

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