Top 20 Fruits for Good Healthy Glowing Skin

Top 20 Fruits for Good Healthy Glowing Skin

One often would like to treat acne, ward off premature aging, reduce the appearance wrinkles or even fight back against another troublesome skin condition and therefore one has to eat right. Diet plays an important role and one must consume particular foods in order to keep healthy skin glowing at all times. One would like to strengthen and build healthy tissues.

20 Fruits for Good Healthy Glowing Skin

Cooked Tomatoes

Lycopene, the phytochemical does make tomatoes red and helps boost collagen strength, a protein that does provide skin its taut, youthful structure and also fights off the oxidizing effect of UV rays by eliminating skin-aging free radicals.


Carrots are good for the eyes and good for clearing up breakouts. It contains plenty of beta-carotene as well as vitamin A, an antioxidant which does prevent overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer. This implies fewer flaky dead cells that otherwise can combine with sebum to clog one’s pores. Vitamin A plays an essential role in reducing the development of skin-cancer cells.

Sweet Potatoes

One must have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as it gives a healthy, attractive, and more radiant glow to the face. A baked sweet potato is very tasty.


Natto happens to be a Japanese dish that is made by boiling and fermenting soybeans with bacteria that does increase the beans’ nutritional value. Natto is a good source of vitamin K2 which is good for cardiovascular and bone health as well as promoting skin elasticity to help prevent wrinkles. Keeps inflammation at a distance.


Turmeric protects one against cancer or reduces pain. It protects the skin. Turmeric contains antioxidant, curcumin and is a very effective anti-inflammatory and free-radical fighting option out there. The spice can be made use of to lighten dark pigmentation blotches or even scars caused by aging, hormone imbalance, or sun exposure by inhibiting an enzyme in the skin that does produce pigment.


It contains a lot of anti-inflammatory omega-3s and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). DMAE does promote healthy skin because it does protect the integrity of cell membranes. This nutrient also does help to prevent the production of arachidonic acid (AA), an inflammation precursor that does lead to wrinkle formation. It works in conjunction with B vitamins in order to increases levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is essential for proper muscle functioning which can keep one’s face looking toned and firm.


This tropical fruit is made up of active enzymes which have health benefits. One enzyme, chymopapain, has been made use of for relieving inflammation. And another enzyme, papain, does help remove blemishes and even treat acne when applied topically as the enzyme does dissolve pore-clogging fats and also cleanses the skin.

Yellow Peppers

Vitamin C is required for the formation as well as the growth of skin and also muscle tissue as well as for building collagen. The protein which does provide strength as well as structure to one’s skin, bones, muscles as well as tendons.

Safflower Oil

Omega-6s is found in safflower oil and can be an ultimate moisturizer for people who do suffer from the dry, flaky, or itchy skin. They do keep cell walls supple, thus allowing water to better penetrate the epidermis. Scientists have found that this oil may even help people who suffer from severe conditions such as eczema. So ditch the moisturizer and lather on the safflower.


The yolk is indeed rich in vitamins that are essential for proper cell function and contains biotin. This B vitamin is commonly referred to as being able to help hair grow and also strengthen fingernails.

Top 20 Fruits for Good Healthy Glowing SkinSpa Water

Salty foods, alcohol, hot weather, exercise and just plain not drinking enough water can indeed create inflammation, which does result in those raccoon eyes. One can replenish one’s body with these detox waters: One has to cut up some citrus fruits (rind included), soak the content in a pitcher of ice water, and drink it up. The vitamin C in the citrus will also help balance levels of electrolytes and also expel excess water weight while the d-limonene in the rinds acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory compound which does help the liver flush toxins from the body.


Avocado is an anti-aging fruit. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help hydration and also shields the skin by lowering the risk of premature aging caused by ultraviolet radiation. Avocadoes’ potent source of fats does help one absorb many of the fat-soluble vitamins that also help protect one’s skin from sun damage.


This is high in folate, an essential B vitamin which does help maintain as well as repair DNA. The reduce the chances of cancer growth.

Green Tea

Green tea does contain catechins, an antioxidant which has proved to be anti-inflammatory as well as anticancer properties. It is good to have 2 cups in order to prevent skin cancer but might also reverse the effects of sun damage by neutralizing the changes that do appear in the sun-exposed skin. Just be careful to not overdo it. Too much caffeine can also cause dehydration.


This contains plenty of anti-aging vitamins A, C, E, and vitamin K. Leafy greens are very potent sources of vitamin K, a vitamin which does help with blood clotting and faster healing when ingested. And when applied topically, it can also minimize the visibility of bruises, scars, stretch marks, and spider veins.


Blueberries contain plenty of antioxidants and help one’s body quash cell-damaging, skin-aging free radicals. These berries also do help boost the strength of collagen fibers and have the high concentration of anthocyanins: phytonutrients. It is indeed a great source of prebiotics i.e. fiber-rich foods. The fatty acids help heal one’s immune system and alleviate inflammation-induced skin conditions.

Coconut Water & Oil

Coconut is good for skin care. It is good to drink coconut water. It contains muscle-relaxing potassium and electrolytes to replenish as well as rehydrate one’s skin, making it much softer and also younger looking. Coconut oil does contain a potent antimicrobial, caprylic acid, which can also help improve gut health by destroying bad bacteria and candida. Candida is a fungus that can also break down one’s intestinal walls and also decrease stomach acid, which does cause inflammation, poor digestion as well as breakouts.


Oats brightens up one’s skin. It is high in fiber foods and helps in inflammation-reducing gut bacteria, minimizes spikes in blood sugar that can contribute to skin problems, and also strengthens and firms up one’s body tissues. That last benefit is because of oats’ high source of silicon, a trace mineral that can also help skin retain elasticity, thus slowing the signs of aging.

Brazil Nuts

Aging and merely lack of sleep is the primary source of dark circles other than genetics. Over time, the skin does lose collagen and thus thins, and also makes the veins beneath one’s eyes more visible. Brazil nut helps resolve these problems. It contains selenium, a nutrient that can indeed boost the production of collagen. This mineral helps preserve elastin, a protein that does keep one’s skin smooth and tight, and also acts as an antioxidant, stopping free radicals that have been created by UV exposure from damaging cells. They are also full of vitamin E to keep one’s skin moisturized and copper to support the production of melanin, a compound that also does protect one’s skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.


Almonds contain vitamin E which is good for the skin. This vitamin helps repair scarred cells and also defends against sun damage. Vitamin E does also act as an antioxidant. It keeps the body free from free radicals. Almonds also are the good source of dairy-free calcium.

Whole Wheat Bread

It contains health-boosting nutrients and is highly glycemic load, which means it impacts blood sugar and insulin levels more so than foods that rank lower on the glycemic index (GI), like whole grains.

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