Tips to Reduce Facial Hair Growth

Tips to Reduce Facial Hair Growth

Tips to Reduce Facial Hair Growth

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Facial hair growth is natural &, as the degree of growth varies from one person to another, it can frequently be extreme. Mainly for women, facial hair can be upsetting & pose a tough issue to undertake. Men & teens favouring a clean-shaven look also search for ways to restrain the facial hair growth.

Here is the closer look at the issue, covering underlying causes & home remedies in addition to examining how to remove the hair from the face. Tips to Reduce Facial Hair Growth.

What are the main Causes of Facial Hair Growth?

We require to understand the little about what causes the facial hair growth before we look at how to slow it down. For women, when body produces more than the normal low levels of male hormones, imbalances occur. This is when extreme facial hair grows, mainly the course, dark hair typically seen in men. Some elementary factors affecting the people could be:

  • Hereditary
  • Health problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Hormones
  • Medication
  • Much rarer conditions such as Cushing syndrome

Remember that neither beauty magazines nor self-styled fashion gurus have right to say terms about acceptable facial hair. There are ample of instances of women who have accepted that living with extreme facial hair growth as natural. If one does choose to get rid of the same, there are ample of safe choices available.

Tips to Reduce Facial Hair GrowthHome Remedies for Unwanted Facial Hair

When considering home remedies for reducing hair growth, remember that the efficiency would vary & would depend on factors such as skin type as well as amount & quality of hair growth. Thus, choose tricks which include natural ingredients that are normally good for the skin when testing such remedies on the face.

Weight Loss & a Healthy Diet:

This is the primary step. This remedy is mainly efficient in the case of overweight women who have facial hair problems or women with underlying causes, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, which greatly benefit from the weight loss. This, combined with a healthier diet can frequently help the body maintain a better hormonal balance.


Women frequently swear by turmeric to undertake facial hair even though its effectiveness has been questioned. It is a known fact that the turmeric does surprises for the facial appearance & can be used with milk & gram flour to make a normally beneficial paste for the skin.

Reduce Stress:

 It will wonders you to know that making the conscious effort to relax can really make the noticeable difference. Stress is an underlying factor in an boosting in the body’s production of one of the causes of extreme hair growth : androgens. Therefore, one should desist from needlessly worrying about the issue & look at managing it until the androgen production levels come back to normal.

Gram Flour & Lemon Juice:

The use of gram flour as well as the lemon juice on the face is a established tradition in home beauty remedies. It is also thought that they restrain hair growth over time. They can be used together or with other natural ingredients such as honey & milk.

Pumice Stone:

A lot of people who want to know how to get rid of facial hair turn to pumice stones. Pumice stones are frequently used in getting rid of body hair as it slows down the growth but must be used with care on the face and the utmost gentleness is recommended.

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