Tips to reduce face fat naturally

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A face that has fluffy and chubby cheeks suits only at a exacting age. When you cross the teens want to have the sharp and slim face. Having no fat in the face improves the facial beauty and makes you to look attractive.

There are also some genetic reasons behind the fat face but other issues such as dehydration, thyroid disorder, kidney diseases, malnutrition and allergy also makes the face fat. For these medical reasons one must visit doctor for the treatment. Once these underlying reasons of puffy face are treated, face will also become thin.

Al though when the reason of your facial fat is not medical, then one must take the measures to bring down the face fat. Some of the facial exercises and losing the overall body weight can help in shedding that the facial fat. Apart from this there are few other simple ways to lose facial weight at home or below mentioned are some of the tips to reduce face fat naturally.

Take a look at some of the tips to reduce face fat naturally. Following are some of the best home remedies to lose the face fat.

Drink Sufficient Water

You can lose the face fat or weight faster by drinking sufficient water. It will treat the dehydration as puffy face might also be due to loss of water and electrolytes from the body. Water also removes the unhealthy substances or toxins from the body. Proper hydration makes the face thinner.

Reduces Fat

In Diet Some of the people have propensity that fat they take gets collected in their face therefore making it look chubby. This is not case for all as each person have their own fat accretion sites in body. So if you have the fat face, limit the fat intake instantly.

Don’t Miss The Breakfast

Having the healthy breakfast will improves the rate of metabolism. So all foods one take during the day are broken down and not stored into the fat. If you would skip breakfast the rate of metabolism would decrease and therefore fat will be collected on your face.

Take Lots Of Fruits

Having fruits would make to feel fuller as tummy will be filled with the water present in fruits. This means you will indulge less on the high carb and fatty foods. Fruits would also treat dehydration. People who eat sufficient fruits have the thin and trim face.


Eating foods rich in the calcium help in weight loss and removes the fluid reserved in the body and face. You can also eat yoghurt, legumes, green leafy vegetables, milk, dairy products, sea foods, etc are a source of calcium.


Make the routine to have 30 minute of workout per day. You can go for the jogging, cycling, swimming and even brisk walking. This will help to lose body weight including the face and fat below the chin. Exercising is one of best and natural ways to lose face weight or fat.

Keep Smiling

Smiling is the sort of facial exercise which helps to lose the facial fat. It makes the face slim as it is considered as the good exercise for facial muscles. Smiling also tones up the face and make tighter the cheeks. This is also among best ways to lose the face fat and double chin.

Sleep Well

Lack of sleep causes the hormonal imbalance and therefore makes you to gain weight. You also end up putting more weight or fat on the face. Sleeplessness also treats you in over eating and improves craving for foods high in fats and carbs. This also leads to the weight gain.

Lifestyle Changes

There are few lifestyle changes such as way you make your hair style etc that will require to make. If you have the fat face and you carry the wrong hair style then this would make your face look more fatter. Ask the hairstylist which hair cut or hair style will be best for your face, so that it looks thin.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is also known to reason for puffy face, so stop consumption of alcohol. Apart from acquirement of weight ands also it damages the liver and kidneys.

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