5 drawbacks Of Using Deodorants

5 drawbacks of using deodorants

A person sweating is one of most natural things to happen. But over time, we have found out new tips to mask smell our body creates. The deodorant is one of many ways to smell the better. It is also the most popular.

Men and women of all age groups use the deodorant as everybody wants to smell the good. It is said that a person who smells better is also high on confidence, as he or she has one less thing to worry about.

Deodorants kill odour causing bacterias and provide the fresh smell to body at least for the couple of hours. The deodorant industry is growing wildly across the world over and it does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. So, if it is so popular, what could possibly be drawbacks of using deodorants?

Any product which is scientifically made is bound to contain the chemicals. Deodorants are no different. They contain various chemicals which are essential to spoil the bacteria. But long-standing use of such chemicals can cause a variety of health issues, ranging from allergies to breast cancer.

Read on to find out drawbacks of using deodorants.

Skin allergies:

Most of the deodorants include ethanol. As any other alcohol, it is known to origin of the skin to dry. Dryness of the skin leads to itchiness and might be the reason for skin rashes. Also, deodorants include various other chemicals which might cause serious allergic reactions to the body, which senses an interloper, reacts accordingly. It is also known to include a pesticide called Triclosan. This is one of the drawback of using deodorant.

Stains and residue:

Deodorants are known to leave after stains on the dark clothes. It can be upsetting for people who love wearing the black and other dark colours. People who wear the white also protest of yellowish stains after use of deodorants. This is not really a disadvantage as such as stain gathers only over a period of time and can be separated easily. But all things considered, using deodorant is still a one of inadequacy.

Causes Alzheimer’s:

Most of deodorants used are known to contain the aluminum derived. And aluminum salts persuade Alzheimer’s in people. Al though a variety of  studies show that aluminum levels in a deodorant do not really cause the Alzheimer’s, there are studies that prove otherwise. This is one of harmful effects of deodorant.

Known to cause birth defects:

Deodorants include parabens and phthalates. As parabens are used as preservatives, phthalates are used to encourage long-term effects of its fragrance. But other than that, parabens can cause early teenage years in kids. It can lead to birth defects in the kids. And phthalates cause cell change, which leads to birth defects. Thus, it cause danger to our coming generations.

Leads to breast cancer:

Deodorants are mostly sprayed in underarm region, which is close to breast tissue. Deodorants include estrogenic compounds and they have same abilities as that of host body’s hormone, estrogen. Estrogen is known to encourage the growth of breast tissue. A high growth of the breath tissue more than what is necessary by the body can cover its way to cancerous growth. This is one of most negative effects of spraying deodorant on your body.

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