Things you should not do when you have a cold

Things you should not do when you have a cold

In the winter season, most of them suffer from cold. When a person is suffering from cold the following things should not be performed. Read to know about Things you should not do when you have a cold.

The people suffering from cold would accept it as a parcel of the season. If that is true treating cold in a wrong way may not be treated and leads in other consequences and it stays for a long time. To get rid of cold avoid wearing pink cloths everyone make this common mistake.

When people are suffering from cold, they have given proper rest to the body. You should not continue with regular strains and stress. During the time of cold, the people may have less immunity that may lead to other causes. One has to give proper rest to recover from a cold.

Don’t cover mouth with hands: When we cover the mouth with hands during the time of sneezing, you will be getting attacked with more germs on your palm again that leads to sickness. Because the virus will stay with your hand and it will trap and return to the system. So while sneezing one has to use a tissue to cover mouth which helps to avoid the germs from spreading.

Taking antibiotics at the time of cold is not a good thing because these pills will not work to reduce the infection because of which the cold is causing. If you use antibiotics that may lead to resistance in your body and later these pills will not treat later when needed.Things you should not do when you have a cold
The people who have a cold should not cover up with clothes because the body needs proper ventilation at home and hot sun to get body recharged to fight against the virus.

At the time of cold, one had to take balanced diet or proper diet to replenish your system and to get immunity anyhow people suffering from cold; a cough and headache might lose appetite.

Cigarettes smoking also worsen your cold so at the time of cold one had to avoid smoking.

What to avoid


There is little evidence to support zinc’s reputation against the cold.


Antibiotics are designed to treat bacterial infections and not viruses.

Vitamin C.

At the first sign of cold symptoms, many people turn to Vitamin C. However, there is little evidence that it has an effect on the cold virus. Some studies suggest that regular consumption of vitamin C may help reduce the duration of cold symptoms, but it has no effect if taken after cold symptoms.

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