Things You Should Know Before You Pop a Pimple

Things You Should Know Before You Pop a Pimple

So after spending a lot of time standing in front of the mirror to decide whether you should pop this big button on your face or not, you have finally reached the decision you like, to pop-up. Read more about Things You Should Know Before You Pop a Pimple

You might have a lot of past experiences popping up buttons, but it really helped you? Or has just exaggerated the problem? You may have mixed experience in this regard.

However, before you pop a button, there are many things you need to be aware of. Here are some of the most important things, including how to get rid of a button instantly without popping, which you need to know before blowing a button.

The risks associated with the appearance of a button

Before you blow up a button, the first things you need to know are the risks involved in popping buttons. Then read on,

When you are popping a button, there is the maximum chance of pushing the gunk with the bacteria contained in a button even deeper into the skin. By all your pushing and picking, the infected pus can easily get deeper into the follicle and if the follicle is broken the gunk will be released into the dermis, the inner layer of the skin. This can result in more severe acne cysts or nodules.

When you pop a button, the pus infected with the bacteria is drained from it. There is the maximum chance of this infected gunk coming in contact with the surrounding skin. It can instantly infect other healthy pores in the area causing more breakouts.

By touching the button with your uncleaned hands, you increase the chance of additional bacterial infection on the button as well as on the surrounding area of the skin, increasing the severity of a button.

Popping a button can damage the skin of the area seriously, which can leave a bad scar and even the permanent ones.

So, now that you know the exact risks involved in blowing a button, you should make your decision wisely. We will now move on to other things you need to know before blowing a button.

Your button will be healed of itself

That is the greatest fact. If you just let a button run its course, it will cure automatically within 3-7 days. So, according to skin specialists, if you have a button, leave it alone.

You can treat a button topically without blowing it up

Yes. You can easily treat a button on your skin through some easy topical treatments and it will be reduced in one day. There are also harmless night treatments that can be of the best help to cure your pimple quickly. Here are some of the quick treatments to treat a button without making it jump,

Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an active antibacterial agent. You can use topical tea tree oil on a button at night to reduce it considerably. You must dilute the oil with water before applying. Opt for spot treatment only and let it work overnight before washing in the morning.

Things You Should Know Before You Pop a Pimple5% benzoyl peroxide is effective

To dry a button, without popping, 5% benzoyl peroxide can be very effective. You can get these local pharmacy creams without a prescription. Apply the topical cream on the button before going to bed at night and by the morning your button will be greatly reduced.

Onion for rapid healing of pimples

If your skin is not very sensitive, you can also opt for the overnight button treatment with onion juice. The onion has high sulfur content that kills the infection causing bacteria in a button. Prepare a little fresh onion juice and apply topically on the button. Leave it and wash it after hours.

Neem sheet for treating pimples

Another effective and completely herbal way to treat the overnight button is to use a paste made from neem leaves. Soak some fresh and young neem leaves in water, then crush them to make a paste. Apply this paste to a button and the surrounding skin. Allow acting at night. One button will decrease considerably in the morning.

Taking professional help is always the best

If you absolutely need to pop a button, the best option is to get help from a professional. Professionals will not only use the right technique to remove the gunk from a button but they will also ensure that the infection does not spread to the neighboring area anyway. Professional help in this regard might not come for free, but it is surely worth the money.

There are other safer methods for removing pus from a button

If you think there is no other way than popping the button, to drain the pus from it, you are not well informed. You can use any of the methods mentioned below to remove the pus from a button safely, without popping it.

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