Tastiest Side Dishes for Chapati or Roti

Tastiest Side Dishes for Chapati or Roti

It is exciting to serve chapati side dish veg for family and guests. A healthy side dish for chapati adds flavor to the meal be it dinner or lunch. The taste is simply delicious.

Roti is a round flatbread that is native to the Indian subcontinent and is made of stoneground whole wheat flour, which is traditionally referred to as gehu ka atta, and water that is combined into a dough. Roti is consumed in several countries worldwide. It is unleavened. Naan from the Indian subcontinent, o the other hand, is yeast-leavened bread, as is kulcha. Similar to bread around the world, roti is a staple accompaniment to other foods.

There is plenty of healthy side dish for chapati that a guest or family member will relish.

In the case of dieting, the best food to have is no doubt a chapati or a roti. Chapati is a food item that can be easily prepared within five minutes. Chapatis are very important to eat as they are considered to be the healthiest dishes ever that can be served.

The body benefits by eating hot chapattis as they digest well and also as they contain plenty of iron, calcium as well as potassium.

However, while a person eats a chapatti he or she will need a side dish. Though there are several health benefits of eating a chapati, it goes well with a tasty side dish be it a vegetable curry or meat dish.

Trying out with tastiest as well as spiciest side dishes will mean the guests or family will relish chapatis and Rotis.

There are several varieties of side dishes that can be served with rotis or chapatis.

These side dishes do enhance the taste and are also very sumptuous and filling.

Here are a few dishes that can be served with rotis and chapattis. There are several chapati side dish veg that can be tried out for tasty lunch or dinner.

Paneer Gravy:

The tastiest and healthiest gravy that can be had with chapati and roti is no doubt lip-smacking paneer gravy. The gravy tastes fantastic and that too when served hot. Simply delicious!

Capsicum Gravy:

This another popular chapati side dish veg and curry preparer has to add capsicum to any dish that he or she is preparing, as it does provide a very rich taste. By adding peas to the capsicum curry recipe, the dish does become irresistible to taste.

Tastiest Side Dishes for Chapati or Roti

Mushroom and Baby Corn Curry:

If a person loves mushrooms as well as baby corn, it is a good idea to have the dish with roti and chapatti. It is one of the best recipes worth trying out to please family and guests.

Moong Dal Gravy:

Dals are indeed enriched with vitamins and other nutrients that are very essential for one’s body. They are a healthy diet and also very easy and quick to prepare and also serve hot along with Rotis as well as chapatis. Learning about it does help to improve one’s culinary skills and the moong dal gravy recipe is indeed worth trying out.

Brinjal Curry:

Brinjal curry is quite popular in South India and it also tastes the best with jowar roti. The combination of jowar roti, as well as brinjal curry, cannot be overlooked. Those who love cooking should not miss out on this dish.

Kolhapuri Curry:

The name suggests that this exotic curry recipe is originally from Kolhapur. The curry is prepared from several vegetables and is very tasty. House makers would simply like to know how to prepare the Kolhapuri curry and serve it hot with Rotis as well as chapatis.

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Thu it is obvious that there are several tasty healthy side dishes for chapati that can be served to please guests and family.

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