Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Symptoms of the Brain Tumor
Symptoms of the Brain Tumor

The people who are suffering from the brain tumor will experience the following symptoms. But people with a brain tumor do not show up with these symptoms for some times. Brain tumor symptoms are very general and specific. These general symptoms are caused by the pressure of a tumor on the brain. When specific part of the brain is not working because of a tumor causes a specific symptom. Generally the people will go to doctor for diagnosing after experiencing the problem of headache. Read about Symptoms of Brain Tumor.

Some of the general symptoms are listed below:

  • Causes headache which may be very severe in the early morning or it may worsen the activity.
  • Seizures are sudden involuntary movements of a person’s muscles. The people may suffer from tumor may experience with different types of muscles movements in the body.
  • Memory or personality changes
  • Vomiting are more
  • People may become weak or less energy levels
Symptoms of the Brain Tumor
Symptoms of the Brain Tumor

The following symptoms are specific to the location of the tumor:

  • Causes headache near the tumor location
  • Changes in muscles because of weakness or muscles may paralyse which are associated with tumor. The Person will become inactive or sluggishness.
  • It will bring changes in hearing, memory, speech and emotional state such as aggressiveness and problem understanding.
  • In able to look upwards.
  • Brings changes in vision like double vision, loss of complete vision.
  • Swallowing is very difficult and appears weakness in the face.
  • Changes may appear either right side or left side of the body linked to a tumor in the lobe of the cerebrum.

The most common treatment options to cure brain tumor are depending and recommendations depends upon the several factors, including size, grade and type of the tumor. Some types of tumor grow rapidly and others may grow slowly.

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Symptoms of the Brain Tumor

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