One waits eagerly for one’s nail polish to dry up quickly. In fact, one requires a lot of patience as it does take some time to dry up. One may have tried all sorts of approaches and in fact even some offbeat ideas in order to get one’s nail polish to dry up faster. One may have painted, blown on it, waited, smudged, and repainted.

One likes one’s nails to look attractive and using nails polish does make them stand out. Neat and tidy hands do indicate one’s overall personality and therefore applying nail polish is also art by itself.

Chill it out

Fill up a bowl with ice water, chilled, and then add a few ice cubes to it as well. Paint one’s nails and then blow on them for a minute. Dip one’s fingers into this little pond of cold water for about two to three minutes. When one takes one’s fingers out, one will observe fine droplets all over one’s fingernails, meaning that the process has been done right.

Thin it out

Rather than go in for numerous coats of color, just try to apply one thin yet perfect layer of nail polish on one’s nails. This does make it dry quickly and also does leave behind a mastered and even great finish. It also does give one’s nails a chance to dry in the interval between each application, thus saving oneself a lot of time.

Blow it out

Heat does not help one’s nail polish get firm and settled but the cold does. Set one’s hair dryer to cool mode and keep one’s nails at a distance while drying. One will get to see amazing results in less than a minute. know more How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health

Clean it out

A common mistake that several women make is to apply nail polish on the top of the previously existing job. This does reduce the possibility of getting that perfectly applied nail polish and even makes removing it a difficult process. Ensure that one always cleans up one’s nails with a nail paint remover and then get rid of any of the previously existing nail polish prior to applying a fresh coat.

Spray it out

An oil spray does help one’s nails dry faster. Wait for a minute after applying the nail polish and then try to release a drop or two of oil on each nail before waiting for a few more minutes. Once one can see the oil beading on top of one’s nail, one needs to wipe the oil off with a dry paper towel. The results are no doubt very impressive and certainly very quick.


Make-up is something everybody likes to do but needs the patience to get over it. One does spend a lot of time, but when it comes to applying nail polish one waits eagerly for it to dry up quickly. One tries several methods to ensure it dries up quickly and often ruins the application.

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