How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health

How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health

How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health

Women are a unique creation of God. They are born beautiful. Moreover, they know the methods to behold their beauty forever. They are well aware to present themselves according to the mood of different occasions. She knows how to match her lipstick with the dresses or how to wear coal with a cocktail gown. How Nail Polish Can Affect Your Health

Effects Of Formaldehyde

Effect of applying nail polish depends on the effects of formaldehyde. It is a chemical that used to make the cosmetics sticky. Why do you need to avoid it? Because it creates irritation in your skin and if you’re allergic to it, risks can be greater.

Negative Impact Of Phthalates

It is an oily substance that prevents the polish from cracking. If your nail polish gets into contact with your eyes or mouth, it can cause irritation and redness. This chemical is also responsible for throat and nose infections. Not only that, but researchers also say that it hampers human’s reproductive system.

Impact Of Toluene

This is the most important component of nail polish. It is a solvent ingredient which helps other components to mix up smoothly. What are the effects of this chemical? It creates a headache, skin diseases, numbness, and also responsible for kidney or liver damage to some extent.

How Nail Polish Can Affect Your HealthCurse Of Camphor

Effect of applying nail polish is not ended yet. Have you ever thought how nail polish has the gloss? Due to camphor. If it is mixed in a large extent, you can nauseate and feel dizziness. You will be prone to a headache as well.

Acts Of Aceton

It is a product that presents in the nail remover. If you have a habit of changing your nail colors often, it is better to change the habitat once. This is a toxin which causes dryness of skin resulting in itchiness and swelling.

Have you got the idea how nail polish can affect your health? But don’t be afraid of these effects. If you take some precaution and maintain some tips you can avoid these health problems. Change your habits of using nail polish regularly.

Try to use branded ones as those have the right quantity of every ingredient. After applying nail polish, soak your hand in ice water. Thus, you can keep the effect of applying nail polish at bay and your nail polish will dry up soon too.

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