Smoky Eye Makeup – giving your eyes subtle language

Smoky Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can completely change the way you look. With slight amendments in eye makeup, you can be made to look like a youthful 20 year old and again with some other kind of eye makeup; you will look like an old lady. Yes, eye makeup can have such drastic effects on your looks and appearance. Among the different kinds of eye makeup that are seen, smoky eyes have always attracted lots of attention and appreciation. You might not be aware of the fact that smoky eyes are not only done in ash and black shades; now there are many color combinations in which Smokey eyes can be tried. Read how to do Smoky Eye Makeup

Mentioned below is some step by step guide for getting perfect smoky eyes with makeup:

Applying the primer before any kind of eye makeup is mandatory as it forms the base of the makeup and keeps it in place for long. Even if you travel or the makeup smears, the smoky effect persists without settling in the fine lines in the eye area. Apply the primer and start blending the same under the eyes and over the lids so that the eye makeup stays longer.

  • Application of powder and concealer

You would not want the flaws of fine lines and dark circles pop up from the smoky eye effect. Take a creamy concealer and sweep it under the eye area. Use a brush or the eff of your finger for blending the same in the skin. Once the concealer is applied, use a fluffy brush and apply translucent powder to the under eye area. Don’t swipe off the extra powder immediately.

  • Lash curling is mandatory for smoky eyes

For perfect smoky eyes effects, having curled lashes is kind of mandatory. Using a lash curler is recommended for the purpose. Blast the curler with some heat from a hairdryer right before curling. This helps in retaining the curl for longer period.

  • Use dark eye shadow

Use dark shade of eye shadow and blend the same from the lashes to the crease. Use a small angled brush and drag the shadow towards the lower lash lines. Any dark coloured element is perfect for the smoked look apart from the usual black, grey and dark blue.

Smoky Eye Makeup

  • Smudge the colours perfectly

There is no space for any kinds of harsh lines in smoky eye makeup. And therefore it is important to give the eyes some soft touch. Take the smudge brush or a Q-tip brush and blend the eye shadow at the edges very softly. The eye shadow should be smudged at the crease and along the bottom lashes for best effects.

  • Lining up the eye perfectly

Now that the eye shadow is smudged perfectly and is in place, it is time for lining and defining the eyes. Use a creamy black eye pencil for the same. Use the eye pencil along the top and bottom lash lines. No skin should be seen between the line and the lashes. If you are looking for extra-sultry effects, the inner bottom lash line can be lined too.

  • Highlighter

Using a shimmery highlighter along the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone can give amazing results. This opens up the eye area. Pearl hues are great for medium to fair skin, while champagne shades are great for dark skin toned women.

  • Mascara

No eye makeup is complete without mascara and it is applicable for smoky eyes too. Apply mascara properly for enhancing the lashes well. The overall impact is great.

With the right makeup tools in hand, getting a smoky eye finish is not a problem at all.


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