Simple ideas about holler chola tattoo designs

holler chola tattoo designs

The world of fashion is in a constant evolution and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Chola makeup is becoming by and by with more of Tinseltown’s finest sporting the look. Essentially aimed at bringing out the hustler or the gangsta that you’ve been hiding behind that diva look, the chola is here to stay. From arched eyebrows to highlight eyes, chola makeup is just the thing for you if you’re looking for a fresh new look.  Read holler chola tattoo designs.

1. The True Blue Chola

holler chola tattoo designsChola in its true sense, this is essentially what chola entails. The bandana, tattoos and hoards of jewellery. If you’ve got the attitude, then you must sport this look. Makeup is kept loud, but in check. Glamorous eye and lip makeup make this look a standout. Want to bring out your inner Latina? Go all in with guns blazing.

2. The Dalmatian Dame

holler chola tattoo designsMaybe this look isn’t as feisty and dominating as the previous look. But, in no way does that mean this look doesn’t deserve a second, if not multiple looks! Want to see heads turn, jaws drop and some eye popping? We’ve got just the thing for you. If Iggy Azalea can do it, then so can you? Right? Let’s just go with yes, shall we. Loud makeup and equally loud hair make quite the fashion statement, well, that and the jewellery of course!

3. Puff Buff?

holler chola tattoo designsHere’s a swanky chola look. Arched eyebrows- check. Loud maroon lipstick- check. Curly lashes- check. Uber cool earrings- check. The crowning glory? That puff, has to be! This look is just the right blend and is something you can sport if you don’t want to look, well, let’s just say too Latina. Finish off with a checked T-Shirt and you will have the boxes for chola and simplicity checked!

4. Divalicious

holler chola tattoo designsHow about some ombre lips to top off the ultimate diva look? Stick to shades of maroon and orange as you make your lips go pop! Fake lashes, lined in with blue eyeliner accentuate your eyes. Top that off with a gold eyeshadow and you are good to go. Something’s missing though isn’t it? Yes, the bling factor. Ring it in with this funky ring.

5. Hola Chola

holler chola tattoo designsI ain’t yo momma! When she isn’t making you swoon to her music, dance moves and obvious oomph, J’Lo is pulling off the chola look all too well. Thin arched eyebrows, filled in with a vibrant eyeshadow. Couple that with those smoky eyes and you have a sure fire winner. Those sun kissed lips are just the icing on the cake, wouldn’t you say?

6. Pixie Pop

holler chola tattoo designsHere’s a little twist to the chola makeup look. It’s fun, it’s edgy and it’s got that panache that everyone seems to be chasing. Bring out the inner pixie within if all this gangsta pop is a bit much for you. Feathered lashes and a final dash of pixie dust makes this quite a magical look for you to sport. Ombre lips filled in with shades of black and green make you quite the diva for the night.

7. One For Them Girly Girls

holler chola tattoo designsNo, we didn’t forget about you pink junkies out there. What’s makeup without pink, yeah? Pick out your favorite pink eyeshadow for screamer eyes. You could also line your upper lid with a dark, thick line to really accentuate your eyes. Stick to the same colored lipstick if you like so you don’t steal attention from your eyes.

Light up your look and bring out that gangsta within you! Even if you don’t really have one, it’s fun to play around with different looks isn’t it?

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