Seven Iron Rich Natural Foods to treat anemia

seven Iron Rich natural foods to treat anemia

List of seven Iron Rich natural foods to treat anemia:

1. Beetroot Kheer

Peel the beetroot skin.Slice them into small pieces.Add a cup of coconut milk and cashews.Include jaggery for sweetness and grind.

2. Plantain Flower Chutney

As usual clean the Plantain Flower and cut them into small pieces. Add Roasted gram, ginger, green chilly, salt and shredded coconut. Finally grind.

3. Soup with drumstick leaves

Add Garlic, pepper, ginger, salt, cumin seeds with drumstick leaves.Boil it. Finally filter it.

4. Mint Juice

Grind Mint leaves, lemon juice, jaggery and water.Helps to be active, aids in treating urinary infections.

Seven Iron Rich Natural Foods to treat anemia

5. Fruit Salad

Pineapple slices, Pomegranate, Guava slices mix and serve as salad.

6. Vegetable Salad

Carrot, beetroot cut into small pieces.Add red chilly powder, cumin powder and salt. Also cut coriander leaves and curry leaves into small pieces.Mix all and serve as Vegetable salad.

7. Coriander juice

Grind and filter coriander leaves.Add lemon juice and jaggery to it.Very good for digestion and for regulating blood pressure.

Symptoms of Anemia

  1. Extreme tiredness
  2. Pale skin
  3. Poor concentration
  4. Weakness
  5. Irregular heartbeats
  6. Chest pain
  7. Cold hands and feet
  8. Headache
  9. Shortness of breath
  10. Dizziness
  11. Ulcers
  12. Jaundice
  13. Bone deformities
  14. strange cravings for non-food items, such as dirt, ice, and clay.
  15. tingling or a crawling feeling in the legs.
  16. swelling or soreness in the tongue.
  17. causes of anemia
  18. The body does not produce sufficient red blood cells
  19. The body destroys the red blood cells
  20. Bleeding

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