Scabies- a contagious skin infection


Scabies is a skin infection caused due a mite called as Sarcoptes scabiei. Scabies causes severe itching, due to the severe itching people scratch which becomes red and bruises occasionally. Severe itching is the main symptom of this infection. Infection spreads from one person to other by close contact like physical contact, using the same towels and napkins and blankets etc. Read about scabies.

Infection can spread very easily and if one person in a family gets in contact with the mite that person can spread the infection to all other family members before even signs or symptoms appear.


Scabies infection shows only two Signs and it can easily be diagnosed. The following are the two signs:

  1. Severe itching.
  2. A rash with tiny blisters which become sore and bruising due to severe scratching.

Surface Area of the body where scabies more often occurs:

  • Around arm pits and shoulderScabies- a contagious skin infection
  • On thighs
  • Around the waist line and navel
  • In babies it occurs on scalp, face, and palms and feet too.


A physician can easily identify scabies infection just by the signs and symptoms with other family members. Sometimes to confirm microscopic analysis of scrapings of skin is done.


Scabies can be treated very easily. Physician prescribes a lotion or cream that should be applied all over the body before sleep and leave it for 8-10hrs and should be washed with luke warm water. It is advised that the treatment should be done to all the family members on the same day. Wash all the clothing like bed sheets and blankets and use fresh ones in order to avoid any further infection. Mites may be residing on these clothing.

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