Say Good Bye To Your Knee Problems With These 8 Simple Exercises

Say Good Bye To Your Knee Problems With These 8 Simple Exercises

Climbing stairs can be difficult at times as one might experience knee joint pains. It prevents one from enjoying life. Obviously, it means one is suffering from osteoarthritis. If you happen to be suffering from such knee joint pains, then go in for these exercises that would reduce the pain.

8 Simple Knee Exercises

Knee Squats

Knee squats are indeed very effective in maintaining one’s knee health and permit pain-free as well as flexibility.

  • Stand upright.
  • Squat down till you see your kneecap covering your big toe.
  • Getting back to initial position.
  • Repeat these squats 10 times.

Straight Leg Raises

One of the simplest knee strengthening exercises that you can easily practice is straight leg raises.

  • One can lie down on one’s back on the ground and then bend the knee of one’s right leg by placing the right foot flat on one’s ground.
  • One can make sure that one keeps one’s left leg straight and also raises it as high as the height of one’s right knee.
  • Hold on, then count 5, and then try to lower your leg.
  • Practice this by switching your legs.
  • Repeat this exercise for about 10 to 15 times in three sets.

Wall Squats

  • Stand straight with one’s back against a wall and with one’s feet shoulder-width apart placed on the ground.
  • Bend one’s knees slowly by maintaining one’s pelvis and then back straight against the wall.
  • Hold on for about 5-10 seconds and then get back to the initial position slowly.
  • Repeat it for sometimes.

Avoid bending too deeply as well. Try then holding the sitting position for a longer period, a few seconds every time.

Hamstring Curls

Performing hamstring curls can also help one’s knee problems at bay. Hamstrings are the muscles that are present along the backside of one’s thigh.

  • Simply lie flat on your stomach facing the ground.
  • Raise your heels and slowly bring them close to your butt.
  • Hold on for 20 seconds. Perform this exercise 15 times in 3 sets.
  • If you find this very easy, then you can add ankle weights and then perform it.

Calf Raises

Have rather smooth and flexible knee movements by actually performing calf raises regularly.

  • Stand also upright thus facing the back of a chair for support and also raise one’s heels slowly as high as possible.
  • Hold on for a few some seconds and then do lower them down.
  • Perform calf raises 10-15 times in about three sets. When you master it and then raise one foot off the floor by balancing one’s weight on one’s other foot.

You can do the calf raises by standing on the stairs and let your heels also hang off the step’s edge, and then holding on to the banister for required support.

Side Leg Raises

  • Lie down on either of one’s side with one’s legs stacked comfortably.
  • Slowly bend one’s lower leg for support by keeping the upper leg straight, and then raise one’s upper leg to 45 degrees.
  • Hold on for 10 seconds.
  • Lower your leg gradually and then relax.
  • Switch one’s sides and also perform it again. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times on each side.

Try also pointing the toe of one’s upper leg towards the ground as one can raise it.

Mountain Climbers Workout

Mountain climbers is also another effective exercise that does ensure good knee health.

  • First, make use of your hands and then toes and try to get into a push-up position thus facing the ground.
  • Bring on your left knee in, and then stretch it backward.
  • Bring your right knee in, and then extend it back.
  • Repeat this exercise as fast as you can. Perform its 15 reps in about 3 sets.

Walking Lunge

  • Stand straight, then step forward by bringing on your right foot in front, and then lunge down.
  • Then bring one’s left foot forward, get also into standing position by touching the toe of left leg to ground for one second
  • Step forward with one’s left foot, and then lunge down again.
  • Continue lunging alternating on each foot.
  • Perform 15 reps in about 3 sets.

Do these knee exercises regularly and consult a physiotherapist.

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