Relieve the Symptoms of Depression with Yoga

Relieve the Symptoms of Depression with Yoga

Yoga is beneficial in uplifting depression and overcoming depression with yoga can be given much attention. Efforts are made in fighting depression with yoga.

Several studies have been conducted to see the efficacy of yoga on curing depression or rather to know more about the relationship between yoga and depression. The focus has been on overcoming depression with yoga and many people have opted for it.

Patients have focused upon fighting depression with yoga as this helps:

reduce the impact of stress
help with anxiety and depression
be a self-soothing technique similar to meditation, relaxation, and exercise
improve energy

What is Yoga all about?

Yoga happens to be a physical exercise that does involve different body poses, breathing techniques, as well as meditation. The therapy may help with depression and other symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating or loss of energy.

Many people use yoga therapy to manage:

mental as well as emotional problems, such as stress, anxiety, or depression
conditions and disorders, such as ongoing low back pain
chronic or long-term pain
overall health and well-being
One can attend yoga classes at fitness studios, hospitals as well as local community centers. The classes involve gentle postures and challenging one’s too much depending on the style. The idea is treating depression with yoga,

How does yoga therapy work?

Yoga therapy can be a powerful means of treating depression. Even if yoga is not what a person actually goes for, still the combination of meditation as well as physical movement does provide much relief from depression. Meditation also helps people to be in the present moment and allows them to clear their minds. Controlled, focused movements do help strengthen the body-mind connection. fighting depression with yoga does need a lot of conscious effort to get well.

Breathing exercises do help in reducing depressive symptoms. The need of the hour is deep, controlled breathing yogic exercises for calmness and uplifting of mood.

Yoga to improve mood and relaxation

As an exercise, yoga is no doubt a natural way to increase serotonin production. Yoga improves serotonin levels. Serotonin is believed to play quite a major role in happiness. It has been observed that those suffering from depression have lower serotonin levels.
Yoga is very beneficial in making a person gentle, calm, and fluid nature. Each pose is flexible, and therefore easy for any person to practice. The instructor does emphasize breathing, concentration, as well as smooth movement. One is made to focus upon positive images to calm the body as well as the mind.

To reduce stress and anxiety

Yoga increases the heart rate variability (HRV), or change in the time between heartbeats, by increasing the relaxation response over the stress response in one’s body. A high HRV does mean that one’s body is better at self-monitoring or adapting, particularly to stress.

Yoga can also:
  • reduce resting heart rate
    lower blood pressure
    ease breathing
    increase pain tolerance
    It has been observed that people who were more stressed had a lower pain tolerance.

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Yoga therapy reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga is no doubt a gentle exercise that includes both meditation and controlled, physical movements. The focus is on deep breathing and stretching the body and this effectively relieves the symptoms of depression, such as sleep troubles, pain, and a loss of energy.
Many studios, hospitals, and local community centers do offer yoga classes, but they could be expensive, especially if one wants to practice every day. There are several instructional videos available online which can be made use o to learn and practice yoga in the comforts of one’s home.

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