5 Relaxation Techniques that Zap Stress Fast


One wants to relax badly at times. The modern lifestyles have made us lead a hectic lifestyle and one has to cope up with several pressures. Life has its ups and downs and one has to learn to cope up with it. Others affect our lifestyle functioning and we need to deal with. We tend to lose our temper and this increases our blood pressure that has a negative impact on our heart functioning.

What we need to do is to take it easy and handle life situations more calmly.

Simply spending time at a spa or a retreat is not sufficient. It is better to try out these stress-reducing techniques.


A few minutes of practice per day does help in reducing anxiety levels. Research favors daily meditation which alters the brain’s neural pathways, thus making one more resilient to stress.

The technique is as follows: One has to sit up straight with both the feet on the floor. Then close one’s eyes. Then one has to focus one’s attention on reciting rather loud or silently a positive mantra such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Place one’s hand on one’s belly in order to sync the mantra with one’s breaths. Let the distracting thoughts float away quite similar to clouds.

Breathe Deeply

Try to take a 5-minute break and then focus on one’s breathing. Sit up straight and then keep the eyes closed, with one’s hand on one’s belly. Slowly inhale through one’s nose thus feeling the breath starting in one’s abdomen and then work its way up to the top of one’s head. Reverse the process as one exhale through one’s mouth.

Deep breathing checks the effects of stress and slows down the heart rate, thus lowering the blood pressure.

Be Present

One must slow down in all of one’s activities.

Take about 5 minutes and also focus on only one behavior with required awareness. Eat slowly, also feel the air blow on one’s face and relax at the same time.

Focusing on one’s senses can make one very tense.

Reach Out

The social network is an essential tool to combat stress. Talking to others, preferably face to face, or at least on the phone and sharing what is going on reduces one’s stress level. One can change one’s perspective towards life and thus feel better. Also, one can maintain one’s social contacts.

Tuning into one’s body

Mentally, one must scan one’s body to feel how stress affects us on daily basis. Simply lie down on your back or sit with one’s feet on the floor. Then start at the toes and then work one’s way up to one’s scalp, thus noticing how one’s body feels.

Stress kills a person and long-term stress affects the body functioning. It is important to try to reduce one’s stress levels by trying very hard to relax. One must take time out from one’s busy schedule and then relax.

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