Red Foods To Feed Your Blood

Red Foods To Feed Your Blood

Red Foods To Feed Your Blood

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It is time to eat these bloody foods to increase the quality of your blood! Experts state that these red foods when eaten help to improve the circulation thus keeping you healthy & away from all types of health problems like strokes & heart diseases.

When you consume these red foods, it also pays attention to the organs helping them to promote the good blood throughout your body. Together with improving your blood density & colour these foods contribute to removing all harmful toxins from the body.

When one eat these foods, make sure that you overeat them since they have other qualities too like weight gain and providing you with high amount of energy due to their sugar content and fibre. Eat these food to a minimum and make it a habit to add them to your weekly diet.

Foods like beef, red pepper and beet help to prevent anemia since they are rich in iron properties. Take a look at the other provisions or Red Foods To Feed Your Blood that one must consume for better blood.

Red Foods To Feed Your BloodRed Pepper

Not only does red pepper lower the blood pressure and aids in weight loss, but this red pepper is also good for the blood circulation. Consume this red pepper with salads and a slice of lean meat.


This red fruit, when eaten by itself, is beneficial for the heart. It promotes good blood to the heart thus helping to keep it healthy and away from the disease.


Vitamin B6 & folate, each present in tomatoes in proper amounts, are both needed by the body to convert a probably dangerous chemical called homocysteine. When this chemical is present in the body, it brings the onset of stroke and heart attacks.


Not only are they the rich source of fibre, but apples to are also good for the blood since it supports red blood cells in a small amount.


A whole bowl of cherries must be eaten at least once in a week if you want to increase the blood circulation in the body. It is a good food for those who are diabetic too.


These red seeds are one of the best red foods can have to better the blood quality. Pomegranate has several properties which help to thicken blood if the blood is way too thin and not able to clot quickly.

Beet Root

This red food for the blood is the best. The blood has improved with its juice. Drink one glass of the beet juice once in 2 weeks to keep up the platelet count.

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