Quit alcohol to improve mental health in women

Quit alcohol to improve mental health in women

It is better to give up alcohol as it affects a woman’s well being and her mental health. Even casual drinking among women is no good for health.

One needs to realize that the intoxication of any substance is indeed bad. It tends to destroy an individual, whoever it may be men or women. It is very important to be away from alcohol. It is indeed necessary to focus on mental health in women.

Quit alcohol to improve mental health in women
One can quit taking alcohol and this applies to both to men as well as women equally. The mental health of men will indeed improve on quitting alcohol. Women are more sensitive and the effect on their brains of alcohol is ore. One needs to realize that the capacity to do multitasking work is more and women are good at it no doubt. It happens to be the inborn characteristic of women (stereotype), so if women’s mental health does get affected negatively, other issues concerning health are also affected negatively. A woman must remain mentally strong and if women do get addicted then one needs to try every possible method to get away from this bad habit. An addict can indeed never be healthy or happy. Alcohol does numb the nerves and make one sleepy. The nervous system does include the sensory nerves. It does lead to self-destruction. Family, as well as social life, does get affected. Crime also increases and therefore mental health in women and men is important and cannot be ignored.

Several women do feel a glass of wine keeps them rather mentally boosted. They feel good and also relaxed. Studies have shown that women quitting alcohol had improved their mental health several times. Yet researchers had in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal) hold the view that quitting alcohol will indeed keep women cognitively sound as well as healthy. Much importance is given to mental health in women.

Concerning moderate drinking the risks as well as benefits are not very clear, but it is better to quit the intake of alcohol as then women will keep calm, cool as well as peaceful.
It has been observed that the highest levels of mental well-being can be maintained if women do not consume alcohol.

Quitting alcohol means a positive change in mental well-being.
Many feel that drinking alcohol or taking just one or two pegs is normal and will not harm health. This happens to be a wrong misconception. It is been observed that quitting alcohol is the best habit that can indeed improve mental health, especially for women. One needs to motivate oneself for non-alcoholic drinks, mocktails and try quitting alcohol completely.

Alcohol does affect the nervous system and does and reduces the level of serotonin in one’s brain thus affect the mood. Its regular consumption does impact the chemistry of the brain negatively by leading to the deterioration of mental health. So quitting alcohol is a good way out to get rid of mental health issues. This is also the case in mental health in women.
It is felt that a 40-year-old drinking two glasses of wine a day can die two years earlier and is at risk of a higher risk of stroke, fatal aneurysm, and heart failure.

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