Questions One Should Ask One’s Girlfriend

Questions One Should Ask One’s Girlfriend

One is in a relationship no doubt but the question that arises is how to keep the relationship going. It is tough indeed and one has to be able to ask the right questions to one’s girlfriend in order to keep the relationship on good terms. One has to get to know each other better. The relationship has to get onto deeper understanding and for this communication is very important.

To Starting With:

Initially, one must keep the conversation to the minimum and should be light as well as limited so that the questions can be answered easily. One must not probe too much. The girlfriend must be made to feel comfortable and not be out off. One must interrogate the girlfriend. The girlfriend must feel comfortable to talk about herself.

What to Ask?

One can ask questions that the girlfriend would like to answer. One can have a talk about good food, book, movies, restaurants, holiday destination, color, comic-book heroes, TV shows and so forth. One must have a have a light-hearted conversation which would be lively and interesting. Too much probing must be avoided or appearing too curious. The other persons’ space must be respected.

Questions One Should Ask One’s Girlfriend
Questions One Should Ask One’s Girlfriend

One can also ask about hobbies, favorite anecdotes, interest in sports, and their preferred hangouts etc. One can find out her embarrassing moment in life and at school parties. Be careful not to press the information or make her feel bad for sharing it. If a situation is getting out of hand then change the conversation to a more casual topic. One can listen to one’s favorite tunes and also tell her what how you feel about them.

Getting more personal:

If one finds that one’s girlfriend has been also very receptive towards all of one’s questions this indicates that one can get personal too. Remember, you should not be trying too hard, and you should definitely not push too hard for an answer. Take note of her body language when she does respond, and one must also be prepared to answer personal questions too.

A particularly interesting question is to ask her what her perfect date is. One must pay much attention to the details of her answers and one must give her the feeling that one is listening to her attentively. Do not look bored about what she is saying. In fact, remembering small bits of conversation and also acting on it later on, regardless whether it is a small issue or a big issue, the scenario must remain romantic.

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Asking about her physical attributes:

One can find out what she considers her favorite physical feature and ensures that you are careful while doing so. She may be sensitive to it as well. You could also offer your opinion about her looks. Talk about her shoes as well as clothes. In this manner develop a level of intimacy with her.

Getting Close

After a certain period of conversation, one can try getting closer to one’s girlfriend. One is now getting more serious about the relationship. One can ask certain intimate questions about her such as what turns her on, what makes her rather feel more desirable, her favorite place to be kissed, what she likes in bed, her favorite bedroom fantasy and so forth.


One must make one’s girlfriend feel relaxed and comfortable by avoiding embarrassing questions. Make interesting conversations. One has to assess how comfortable the girlfriend is with him. Based on this observation he must make the required conversation. It is important to respect the sentiments and feelings of the girlfriend. One must not hurt her feelings in any way as that would affect the relationship. One has to work hard to harmonize the relationship if there are any differences in viewpoints.

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