10 Shoulder Workouts for Men


Shoulders are usually overlooked by men striving for an aesthetic physique, with many concentrating on other areas, like visible abs and bigger arms. However, building and maintaining a good set of deltoids can always make or break your physique. However, it is important to note that targeting on the deltoid muscles involves three sections. This makes it essential to look for a workout plan that covers all of these sections. Read more about 10 Shoulder Workouts for Men

Top Shoulder Workouts for Men

Here are some good shoulder workouts that help create a well proportioned physique. Read on.

1. One Arm Side Laterals

This exercise is meant for rear deltoid. Raise your arm in a smooth motion to bring it parallel to the floor. However, make sure to rotate the arm while you move to maintain a crucifix position.

2. Bent Over Rows

This is one of the best workouts for shoulders and arms. The Bent over Rows is an exercise that helps in toning of shoulder muscles, triceps, and back.

3. Overhead Triceps Extensions

Regular exercise is a good way to maintain healthy weight. The Overhead Triceps Exercise is an effective shoulder exercise that can be performed easily at home or at the gym. For this exercise, you would need a very heavy dumbbell.

4. Push Press

Push up exercise is another effective genre of exercises meant for body toning. Although difficult and hard to perform, this is a simple exercise that works effectively on deltoids and strengthens the shoulder muscles.

5. Side Lateral Raises

After rear deltoids, it is time to concentrate on your deltoid’s lateral head. Do this by performing side lateral raises. This workout focuses on contraction of the lateral head, instead of swinging up the dumbbells to achieve a so called rep. Also, pick a weight that can be handled without cheating.

10 Shoulder Workouts for Men

6. Upright Row

The rowing movement is usually included in shoulder workout plans at the gym. This exercise targets at toning of shoulder muscles. It not only helps to burn the fat but also shapes the loose muscles and tissues. The Upright Row is a shoulder exercise wherein you mimic the rowing movement.

7. Seated Bent-over Rear Delt Raise

This shoulder workout also focuses on rear deltoids. While being seated, bend over with dumbbells. From the initial position, raise the dumbbells until rear deltoids are contracted completely. Hold for a count of 2 and lower down gradually. However, it is important to perform the movement under complete control so that the rear deltoids gain maximum benefit.

8. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

By this time, the shoulders are highly exhausted. Now, it’s time to take the workout to the next level. The Shoulder Dumbbell Press involves increasing the weight while changing the movement to conventional pressing, i.e. palms forward through the whole movement.

9. Shoulder Cycles

Besides cardio workouts being the best way to burn extra calories, body toning exercises are the best options if you want to shape your shoulders. The Shoulder Cycle is a highly effective shoulder exercise that helps to tone the whole upper body, starting from arms to shoulders and the upper back. For this workout, you would need a pair of medium weight dumbbells.

10. Behind the Neck Shoulder Press

This shoulder exercise is a variation of the seated shoulder press. It helps to build size and strength. By performing behind the neck shoulder press, the deltoid can be more isolated as compared to the press performed in front of the neck. However, this exercise can be a little tough to perform and cope with and is also a little uncomfortable at initial level. As a precaution, do not lower the weight too far behind you and make sure to go slow.

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