How to do a Paraffin Wax Manicure?


    If you have rough hands and are looking for an effective remedy to smoothen the skin, paraffin wax manicure may be the right option for you. Paraffin wax has been known for its healing properties since the ancient times. Previously, it was used in massage therapy. Today, it has a wide range of applications, from treating injuries incurred from sports activities, inflammation and arthritis to sore joints. It also has the ability to soften the skin. Therefore, you may opt for paraffin wax manicure to treat your rough skin in the hands.

    Paraffin wax manicure can be easily done through the following steps:

    • The wax has to be heated in a bowl till it is liquefied. You may place the bowl in a microwave and heat it in the interval of ten seconds. When the wax is liquefied, leave it for some time and let it cool.
    • In the meantime, you need to moisturize your hands. Use a thick lotion or cream to massage the hands. On rubbing the hands, they will become moisturized.
    • Now check out the temperature of the wax. It should not be too hot to burn your hands. If you find the temperature to be optimum, dip the hands in the bowl of wax. Keep them immersed in wax for a few seconds and lift them up. After an interval of five seconds, dip the hands in wax once again. Continue this process till the entire surface of your skin is covered with wax. You need to get around five to seven layers of wax in your hands.
    • Once you are done with this step, you should wait for the wax to do its work. Relax, watch television or simply sit back and wait for at least half an hour. The wax will soften the skin in your hands and eliminate the roughness.
    • When the wait is over, peel off the wax and remove the solidified coating. When the entire covering is gone, apply lotion or cream on your hands to make it soft. Wear a glove for the next few hours to retain the effect of the cream.
    • You have to repeat the same process with the other hand to make it soft.

    Precautions to do a Paraffin Wax Manicure?

    How to do a Paraffin Wax Manicure?

    You need to dip your hands in the wax several times. Each time you dip them in the wax, a separate layer is created. This layer should be thick enough to let the wax do its work. Therefore, make sure that you give enough time for each layer to solidify before you dip the hands in the wax again. The fresh layer should not mix with the existing layer. You should wait until the previous layer completely dries up.

    You should not wriggle or move your fingers when you get the wax coating. It will result in cracks in the layers and they will fall off. The entire process will become ineffective if the wax develops cracks. Keep the fingers steady and do not move them.

    The wax should be kept warm for as long as possible. Wrap the hands using a soft cloth when you wait. The therapeutic treatment turns out to be more effective when the warmth of the wax is retained for a longer duration.

    After the manicure process is complete, you should not polish the nails. When you apply the nail polish, you need to clean off the natural oil from the treatment that has saturated the nails. This will reduce the benefits of the manicure.

    Paraffin wax manicure will remove the roughness from your hands. This is an easy process and you can try it out at home. Look out for the precautions, so that you can obtain optimum benefits from the treatment.

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