Packs to lighten Stretch marks

Packs to lighten Stretch marks

Stretch marks are those whitish or bluish lines on the skin which frequently results from sudden growth or weight loss or stretching the skin. Most of the people have stretch marks on their body, particularly around the buttocks, arms and thighs area. After the pregnancy, many women have these marks around their belly region. Though we cannot entirely do away with stretch marks. Here are some of the Packs to lighten Stretch marks or helps to fade away from Stretch marks.

Egg white:

Egg white helps in vanishing away the ugly lines as egg white is rich in protein content. Our skin is also made up of protein and when promoted with it, skin goes back to its healthy status. Here is how to use it.

Packs to lighten Stretch marks


  • Take the white of two eggs.
  • Beat them properly to get thick paste.
  • Now apply it on the stretch marks. Make sure that it is a thick layer.
  • Leave it to dry for sometime.
  • Wash the area with the lukewarm water.
  • We need to keep the area well moisturised, so that apply olive oil or a good moisturiser.
  • Apply this paste once for a week to see better results.
  • Remember, the skin takes time to heal, so don’t  discontinue it after a week or two weeks. Later, start seeing results within the month for sure.

Lemon juice

Packs to lighten Stretch marks

Lemon, its acidic nature and properties like natural bleaching, lemon juice is the most effective remedies to lighten the stretch marks. Simply, cut a lemon, squeeze out the fresh juice and rub it smoothly onto the affected area of the skin. Keep it for about 10 minutes and then wash with a little of warm water. Apply repeatedly a few times in a day to see the better results.

Aloe vera gel

Stretch marks are an indication for the skin that has lost its natural elasticity. Aloe vera, with it’s ability to heal the small sniffs in skin layers is therefore the perfect resolution to help to regain the lost elasticity. Cut leaf from the aloe vera plant, peel out the outermost skin and squeeze out the gel. massage with gel daily over the affected skin and you will find the stretch marks gradually become lighter. You can also combine aloe vera gel with vitamin E oil and use.

Packs to lighten Stretch marks


The cosmetics market is infested with products that promise a magic cure for clumsy stretch marks. But all these things helps to remember that nothing can make the marks completely vanished. All you can do is reduce the strength to make sure the marks do not hamper the appearance. If this is the case, why empty the pockets on fancy branded products when you are getting thesame benefits from simple ingredients that already have at home? Use these home remedies mentioned here and make sure that you get a lot of greens, vegetables and fruits in the diet and definitely you will have the best solution to the stretch marks problem.

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