Natural Foods To combat Common Cold

natural foods combat common cold

Natural Foods To combat Common Cold

Common cold usually occurs due to the seasonal changes, allergies, intake of cold foods and sometimes viral and bacterial infections. Cold usually collapse within 7 days and there is no require of antibiotics but if it is a viral or bacterial origin then you require to have medications.

Have a look at some natural foods combat common cold and enhance your immunity


It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and anti-oxidants which help you to decrease the duration of cold. Papaya eases the symptoms of common cold and it also strengthens immunity.


It is rich in allicin which is a common source of the antioxidants. If you will have garlic regularly either in raw form or with food then you would never get common cold often. It also helps to heal the body and it ease you from the symptoms of cold.


Ginger eases nasal congestion and also sore throat. It gives best assistance from cold. You can have ginger tea 2 times a day to combat with common cold. It also helps to prevent from often episodes of cold.

Pumpkin Seeds

They are also rich in zinc like sea foods. Pumpkin seeds reinforce your immunity and help you to combat with its symptoms. It is among the best healing foods for common cold.


One of the best foods for common cold is beetroot. It is rich in the vitamin C, antioxidants, magnesium, iron and folate which help to tackle well with common cold. Beet root also prevents you from common cold and it strengthens your immunity.


natural foods combat common coldIt prevents you from all infections mostly common cold which frequently attacks the persons with weak immunity. Yoghurt contains probiotics or good bacteria which enhances immunity and prevents common cold.


Eggs are rich in minerals particularly selenium. This mineral helps to prevent common cold and also facilitates the body to combat with it by rising immunity.


It is rich in all nutrients and also contains vitamin D. Insufficiency of this vitamin is related to weak immunity. Milk helps to combat with cold and relieves its symptoms.

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