Most common causes of health issues during the summer

Most common causes of health issues during the summer

Causes of health issues in summer can be serious and cause much damage to health. These health issues cannot b neglected and it is important to know about them much in advance.

Summer is a great time to be outside and enjoy the weather. But summer activities bring additional risks to your health. Be sure to be safe this summer by knowing these top 10 summer health risks. A little bit of prevention can keep your summer safe.

Causes of health issues in summer

1. Skin Cancer

Skin cancer turns out to be the most common form of cancer. If detected early, skin cancer is usually treated quite easily. Skin cancer is indeed more common in people who:

  • Have spent lots of time in the sun or have been sunburned
  • Having fair skin, hair, as well as eyes
  • Having a family member who has had skin cancer
  • Happen to be over age 50

It is good to get oneself checked up for skin cancer every few months. Wearing sunscreen helps and also avoiding the sun when possible.

2. Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is considered to be a serious medical condition that can be life-threatening indeed. In heat stroke, the body’s core temperature rises. Similar to fever, extremely high body temperatures can lead to permanent damage. Some signs of heat stroke include:

  • Confusion
  • Stopping sweating
  • Short, rapid breathing
  • A fast pulse

If such symptoms, it is important to contact the doctor immediately.

3. Food Poisoning

Summertime means going for picnics, and picnics do bring food out into the open where it can stay rather warm for too long. Avoiding an outbreak of food poisoning during summer is possible by following simple guidelines about food safety cum food handling. Common sense will prevent a person and one’s friends as well as family from coming down with a foodborne illness.

4. Eye Damage

UV rays in sunlight can no doubt damage one’s eyes. If a person is out in the sunlight in the summertime, be sure to wear sunglasses that do filter out UV light. A person’s sunglasses are rather opening his or her up one’s pupils up by making things darker, which lets in more UV rays, not less. Also making sure one’s sunglasses do filter out 100% of UV light helps and wearing them is essential, especially in the presence of water, which can indeed reflect a tremendous about of light to one’s eyes.

Most common causes of health issues during the summer

5. Driving Accidents

Driving accidents happen to be the number one killer for young people. Avoid summer car accidents by:

  • Never drinking and driving
  • Never driving after midnight
  • Keeping summer road trips to a reasonable length

6. Drowning

Several hundred people do drown in boating accidents. Preventing such summer tragedies via supervision, proper pool safety as well as enforcing rules around the water.

7. Dehydration

Dehydration can indeed happen quickly in the summer heat. Being sure of having water handy is good. After all, a person does not know how he or she will be in the heat. Both adults and children need to take such precautions. Children need to be taken care of too; the children may not ask for water, but giving water is important. Having frequent water is essential.

8. Bug Bites

Bug bites can indeed be annoying and also itchy. They can also be serious if they bring infectious diseases. Preventing bug bites and infections this summer is required. Making use of a good bug repellent and also wearing long pants as well as sleeves in buggy areas needs to be kept in mind.

9. Unsafe Sex

Summer does bring thoughts of romance and new love interests. While the spontaneity of a summer romance is indeed exciting, the risks of a sexually transmitted infection, including HIV, are very real.

10. Fireworks Injury

Each year, several people get injured by fireworks so severely that they need to go to the emergency room. Avoid such serious injuries by leaving fireworks to the professionals. If you insist on doing fireworks in one’s backyard, make use of common sense safety, understand what each firework does, and keep children at a safe distance.


Health issues in summer are inevitable and necessary precautions need to be taken.

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