Medicinal uses of pineapple fruit

Medicinal uses of pineapple fruit

Pineapple has fully packed with many nutrients. It is the excellent sources of vitamin C. A cup of fresh pineapple pieces contain sufficient vitamin C to meet your complete daily requirement of this important nutrient. It also includes manganese, copper, & some B vitamins. Though, most of the therapeutic methods of pineapple are initially associated with bromelain, a kind of enzyme that aids in protein digestion. It also assists in combating inflammation, inhibits abnormal blood clotting & stops the growth of certain tumors.

Five Methods To Use Pineapple As A Medicine

Pineapple Can Use As A Medicine in The Following Ways

Enhances Digestion

To improve digestion, have a cup of fresh pineapple pieces between meals. The high frequency of the enzyme bromelain makes clean pineapple the perfect food for promoting digestion of protein-rich foods. It aids in providing assistance from bloating, indigestion also intestinal distress that might occur by having the protein-rich meal. Moreover, pineapple contains dietary fibers that help in colon cleansing, that has required for having the balanced health of the digestive system.

Treats Cough

Studies have revealed that pineapple juice is more efficient than the conventional over-the-counter cough syrups. Furthermore, free from artificial components the pineapple cough syrup is safe for the health. To make pineapple cough syrup, you want two cups of fresh and clean pineapple slices, one tbsp of honey, a tablespoon of grated ginger & juice of a lemon. Put all the components in the blender & blend until smooth. Take a tsp of the pineapple syrup 3 to 4 times per day.

Medicinal uses of pineapple fruitReduces Arthritis

Pain Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory mixture. It assists in reducing the production of pro-inflammatory units, thereby giving relief from the inflammation of the joint tissues. It was packed with vitamin C and manganese, two vital nutrients that aid in relieving the symptoms of arthritis. To decrease arthritis pain, drink the glass of fresh pineapple juice on an empty stomach. For the further benefit, mix pineapple juice with fresh carrot juice, celery juice, & lemon juice.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Pineapple contains enough potassium for replacing the standard sodium & potassium balance, which is necessary for reducing the high blood pressure symptoms level. When mixed with nitrate-rich foods such as beetroot, it aids in sustaining the blood pressure level in the normal range. To treat hypertension, put one ½-cup of pineapple pieces, half cup of sliced beetroots, half cup of orange juice, ¼-cup of celery leaves & a cup of almond milk in a juicer. Mix until getting the delicious smoothie. Drink 1 – 2 glasses of pineapple & beet smoothie every day.

Expels Intestinal Parasite

To eject worms from the intestines, aside from involving pineapple in the regular diet, drink the decoction made with pineapple skin. Peel the pineapple & cut the skin into small sections. Add the pineapple skin to the liter of water. Boil for about 15 – 20 minutes. Strain the liquid. If coveted sweeten with the teaspoon of honey.

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