Mahashivratri Recipes: How to Make Sabudana Bhel?


Popular Maha Shivaratri recipes in south India are made of several goodies including sabudana. Women ensure their families have a good time on this religious festival day and thus resolve their dilemma of what to make on Mahashivratri?

Maharshivratri, a great festival for Lord Shiva devotees, was on 1 March this year. People, on this day, usually observe a fast or prefer eating pure and non-grain items, such as sabudana.

Maha Shivratri is celebrated in Febraury/ March depending on the Hindu lunar calendar. Based upon this calendar the festival falls in Phalgun month. In English, the word Maha Shivratri implies the Great Night of Lord Shiva. It is a holiday in India and is much celebrated throughout the country with lots of fanfare. Devotees do think of What to make on mahashivratri in order to please Lord Shiva?

How is Mahashivaratri celebrated?

Devotees indulge themselves in festival celebrations by preparing Maha Shivaratri recipes in south India is very popular.
Sabudana is also referred to by the name of Sago, Rabia, Saksak, and Sagu, which happens to be an edible starch that is rather extracted from the pith of various types of tropical palm stems. It is then rather commercially converted into a small pearl-like shape for what is referred to as easy cooking. A cup of sabudana it is understood contains around 135 g of carbs, 544 calories, and 1.37 g of fiber.

What to make on mahashivratri?

Sabudana is considered to be a good energy-booster diet and also does help provide us loads of energy during fasting. Also, it is acknowledged as gluten-free, meaning good for people with Celiac disease or any gluten allergy. Additionally, sabudana is also good for digestion and also does helps promote stronger bones. Make sure a person eats sabudana in limited quantities as it may lead to weight gain when consumed in higher amounts.

Sabudana the recipe: A person can try this Shivratri. This recipe is indeed prepared by combining sabudana with potato, peanuts as well as cashew nuts. Also, there is an option to sweeten it with jaggery or sugar powder or rather make it salty with rock salt or sendha namak, while salt type which is considered to be pure during the fasting period,
half cup of sabudana, a tablespoon of peanuts, a tablespoon of cashews and medium-sized boiled potato, two teaspoons of ghee/cooking oil. Rock salt as per the taste and also half a teaspoon of lemon juice, small green chili (optional), few coriander leaves for garnishing.
Sabudana Bhel is loved by allspice lovers and the snack recipe is enjoyed during the Navratri season. It is one of the popular maha Shivaratri recipes in south India.

How to cook sabudana at one’s home?

Cook the soaked sabudana in a cup of water until it turns soft. Add milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and then stir until the mixture does thicken. Then garnish with dry fruits. Prepare this Indian dessert in just 30 minutes and then relish the goodness of nutrients. This delectable recipe would require a person to soak sabudana for an hour.

Is sabudana Sattvik during Mahashivratri 2022?

Fasting during Mahashivratri is indeed a crucial aspect of performing the ritual. While one has to abstain from several food items, sabudana (or tapioca pearls) happens to be one of the vrat-friendly foods that are accepted as being sattvik.

If a person wants to eat a paratha then sabudana can be made use of to make the dough as well. Prepare non-sticky dough with mashed boiled potato, peanuts, tomato, chili, coriander, jeera, rock salt as well as pepper. Prepare a flat roti-like shape and then place them on medium flame on Tawa. Put some ghee on it and then have it with curd.

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