Karisma Kapoor: 10 things a person did not know 


Karishma Kapoor’s brother loves Chinese food whereas Karisma Kapoor’s favorite food is Indian. She is a versatile actor who has won several awards.

Karisma Kapoor, in her home country of India, and in other parts of the world, is well known. She has been acting professionally for more than half of her lifetime, and she has indeed done several films. She has no doubt earned the respect and admiration of fans and fellow actors. After a break, Karisma came back to the screen in 2020 and hopes to work for several years to come. Karisma Kapoor entered the film industry in the year 1991.

What to know more about Karisma Kapoor?

Karisma Kapoor as an Indian actress worked in several Hindi films. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she happens to be a member of the Kapoor family, and also made her acting debut with the film Prem Qaidi in 1991. She is no doubt the recipient of several accolades, including a National Film Award and four Filmfare Awards.

2. She comes from a family of actors and therefore her decision to pursue a career as an actress is not all that surprising to the fans.

3. She indeed took a break from acting to focus on family in the mid-2000s, Karisma did take a break from acting and many others from the acting field, and lots of people could not help but wonder why so? Karisma in an interview said, “It was out of my choice that I didn’t do any film because my kids were very young. It was out of choice that I wanted to be at home with my family and children”. No doubt, she did also know that she would eventually return to the screen.

4. She in fact won nearly two dozen awards which is what every actor hopes to do so.

5. She does in fact dabble in fashion and although she loves acting she also prefers to express herself via fashion. She has a great sense of style and she loves getting creative with her looks. Whether she is going to a formal event or just hanging out with friends for the day, Karisma prefers to look her best.

6. Every devoted Karisma Kapoor fan does admit that Karisma’s mother, Babita Kapoor, gave her daughter the nickname ‘Lolo’, inspired by Hollywood actor Gina Lollobrigida. Lolo also is a name after a sweet treat, which is called ‘loli’, in Sindhi.

7. Her eye color is very unique and attractive. Karisma Kapoor happens to be the first and only woman in the Kapoor family’s fourth generation to have inherited blue-green eyes.

8. Karisma Kapoor had her fair share of struggles in her early days, as Kareena Kapoor Khan did reveal in an interview. What made her enter into films to be pursued a passion for acting was her grandfather’s words, “It’s glamorous, but it’s not a bed of roses—you will have to work very hard”.

9. Like several other celebrities, Kapoor also did change her name by altering the spelling from ‘Karishma’ to ‘Karisma’. While it does appear to be a subtle difference, ‘Karishma’ has Sanskrit origins and also means ‘miracle’, while ‘Karisma’, meaning ‘favour’ or ‘gift,’ has indeed a Greek origin.

10 She Won Nearly Two Dozen Awards

Winning awards is something that almost every actor does hope and an actor’s legacy is rather measured by the number of awards that he or she has won. Keeping this in view, Karisma’s legacy has indeed been well cemented. She has in fact won 20 awards throughout her career and she is, in fact, to take on more in the future.

What more to know about Karisma?

Karisma Kapoor’s favorite food is Indian food. On the other hand, Karishma Kapoor’s brother, Randhir Kapoor does love Chinese food. He shared, “My mother and uncles Randhir and Rajiv Kapoor are obsessed with Chinese. Kapoor sisters Kareena and Karisma find comfort in Indian Food.”

Karisma Kapoor is no doubt a self-confessed foodie and her recent revelation happens to be just proof of that.


Karisma has proved herself well n the screen.

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