Is Cranberry Juice Useful For UTI & How?

Is Cranberry Juice Useful For UTI & How?

Women have noticed that urinary tract infections do suck. They burn and they are uncomfortable. E.coli, the leading cause of UTIs, is indeed becoming more and more antibiotic-resistant (grrrreattt).

What is a UTI?

UTI is an infection within the urinary tract, which is the tube that does connect one’s kidney to one’s bladder as well as the urethra. So, if someone has a UTI, it implies that they have an infection somewhere along that track. These infections can often be caused on account of sex as the opening of the urethra is right in front of the vagina, which does imply that bacteria can get into it. Other risk factors that include making use of older forms of birth control such as a diaphragm have gone through menopause as well as urinary tract anomalies. They are quite common. Nearly half of women do go through a bladder infection in their lifetime.

What is there to know more about cranberry juice and UTIs?

Cranberry juice can also help prevent UTIs — it is sugary in taste which is not liked by many, and also appears to be medically irrelevant as grape juice. Usually, people assume that cranberry juice would, in fact, acidify the urine and also make it less likely for one to catch an infection.

Until 2012, many doctors thought that cranberry juice could indeed help with UTIs. Now, doctors generally do agree that there is not enough science to back this claim that it can indeed help.

But what about cranberry supplements or other products? Many patients do take cranberry supplements to be able to stave off infection. Yet it has been observed that cranberry supplements do not have much of an effect on one’s urinary tract, In fact, cranberry products (such as tablets or capsules) were also rather ineffective which may be due to lack of potency.

Is Cranberry Juice Useful For UTI & How?Any other benefits?

Cranberry juice is indeed good for health. It is low in calories and also high in antioxidants as well as nutrients and is popularly referred to as “superfood”. It also has a ton of vitamin C, which means it can help boost one’s immunity and contains plenty of fiber and vitamin E. It also said to prevent heart disease and slows down tumor growth.

Does one need to stop drinking cranberry juice when one has UTI? There is really no harm in drinking cranberry juice if one feels it might have an effect on their UTI situation. It is a healthy drink, but staying hydrated can also help one flush out infection, as one will pass more urine. Yet, it has been also felt that those people taking blood thinners and are at a risk of kidney stones might prefer to remain away from this beverage.

One must drink healthy drinks and cranberry juice is indeed one of them. It has several health benefits and is also good for maintaining urine health.

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