Interesting Facts About Kids

Interesting Facts About Kids

#InterestingFacts About #Kids

It is amazing thing to become parents but with news comes with enormous responsibilities which will demand more time from parents for care of their new born.

Parents feel overjoyed after their babies birth & they are ready to take up the pain of caring for the new born happily. If their baby cannot sleep during the night, they offer their whole night to make the baby sleep happily.

Here are few Interesting Facts About Kids read on…


In the first 2 years of baby’s life, a parent loses almost 6 months of his sleep. New parents get less than 4 hours of sleep because of baby’s cries at night. This might result in irritated behavior and stress in parents.


A baby uses about 8000 diapers from his birth until he gets trained for toilet. Fathers can change the diaper in almost 1 minute and mothers do it in 2 minutes.


The tear glands in the baby are not well developed until they are 3 week old so they cannot shed tears but they scream a lot. Some babies shack tears only after 4 or 5 months

No Colour

Newly born babies can see only in black & white. After 1st  few weeks of their birth, they start to see the different colours.

Interesting Facts About KidsTwins

You are more likely to have twins today than 30 years before. Since the year 1980, the birth rate of twins has increased by 76 %.

Mother’s Voice

New born babies can be familiar with their mother’s voice at birth. In womb. they listen & respond to their mother’s voice above all sounds. They are more sensitive to their mother’s voice.

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