Homemade Coffee Face Scrub Recipe

Coffee Face Scrub

Waking up in the early morning on weekends can be difficult, especially if you have had exhausting working weekdays. What to do on weekends to begin my day is to do the natural face scrub that exfoliates as well as condition your skin – revitalizing it so that I am happy to get working with my weekends with the lively mood. I do not just feel good having the fresh-feeling face, but more fully wake up to enjoy my weekends. Below described regarding Homemade Coffee Face Scrub Recipe.

Coffee is one of the favorite energy and strong drink, so why not to use it as the natural ingredient and incorporate in the beauty regime.

Though, I don’t eat it; Epsom salts are my chosen choice to use the facial scrub, and it is a natural remedy. Yikes!

Benefits of Coffee Face Scrub

Making the scrub at home allows you to tailor the components to what your skin wants. You get an opportunity to test which oils can excellent condition and moisturize the skin. For example, olive oil has recognized to reduce signs of aging, and further, it leaves the skin feeling less oily than coconut oil. Though, make sure to clean with lukewarm water right after the scrub to take off most of the pore-clogging oil. What some oil remains on the face is no problem, if you have generally dry skin.

Coffee Face ScrubWhich salt to use?

It’s all personal choice. Though, sea salt has plenty of benefits. Many of them prefer Epsom salts compare to other salts for making the scrubs and can also use to treat sports injuries. It restocks the magnesium levels that help alleviate pain, relieve stress, and get rid of toxins or unwanted substances.

Many people use sugar in this coffee facial scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Although, caffeine in the coffee grounds supports reducing redness, cinnamon, on another hand, does the opposite. Though, you want to be careful while combining cinnamon to the mix. Some people are very sensitive to its use, and it can let their face looking a little also red. Using the cinnamon as it is the face plumper, so it supports smooth out fine lines on my face, brings the blood & oxygen to the skin’s surface so helpful for the skin conditions such as pimples, acne, & eczema. It also gives you with the tingly clean feeling; that is no doubt refreshing.

So, this homemade scrub for the face has packed with ample solid skin components. And extra point is you are conscious of all of the ingredients used during making it at home, which is the relief these days when you can hardly pronounce most of the components displayed on the labels affixed to store-bought the beauty products.

How Often To apply This Scrub:

Use this scrub almost once a week, especially if you have the naturally oily skin. In fact, you have really dry skin, don’t use the cinnamon.

Ingredients required to prepare Coffee Face Scrub

Coffee: 1 cup, grounded

Epsom salt: 1/3 cup

Sugar: ½ cup, brown

Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon (optional, don’t use this if your skin is sensitive)

Olive oil: 1 cup, extra virgin (or coconut oil)

Method to prepare Coffee Face Scrub:

1. Pour the salt into the bowl. If the salt is compact, use a grinder or the back of the large spoon to crush them gently into smaller granules to be fitting for the smoother facial scrub.

2. Add in the coffee grounds, brown sugar, & oil. Combine well the components together using the spoon & stir until smoothly combined.

3. Transfer the mix to the sealable airtight jar.

4. Use this mix in the morning, once a week better to use it on the weekends as part of the regular beauty care regime, scooping out regarding two tablespoons of the scrub & scrubbing the face with it. Cleanse out the oil well with the lukewarm water; finish with the cold water sprinkle to close the skin pores.

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