Home Remedies For Sneezing & Running Nose

Home Remedies For Sneezing & Running Nose

Home Remedies For Sneezing & Running Nose

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Allergy of any sort has caused by overproduction of chemical in our body called ‘histamine’ has released from the mast cells. Allergy has mainly triggered by some of the substances that our body consider as exotic particles. These substances are called allergens.

Some people are very sensitive to many things such as some foods, pet hairs, bird feathers, drugs, pollens, some perfumes & some flowers, etc. There is an over activity of post cells when allergens go inside the body, & they provide histamine.

Histamine causes many sneezing, skin reactions, running nose, & all other symptoms of allergy. Some efficient home remedies can easily bring minor seasonal allergies like sneezing, headaches, nasal irritation, itching, running nose control.

You can use powerful herbal remedies for allergies to treat allergy symptoms instead of drugs as they come with many unwanted effects.

Here are some powerful herbal home remedies for sneezing and running nose.

Home Remedies For Sneezing & Running NosePure And Raw Honey

Eating honey produced by the bees in the region can help alleviate allergies. If you eat a little honey every day you would slowly become immune to the irritating effects of the seasonal allergies. Local honey for allergies can slowly treat allergy symptoms such as sneezing, itchy eyes & also running nose.

Nux Vomica

It has used for a runny nose in a daytime, severe sneezing & nose irritation. It is amongst the best and efficient natural ways to cure allergies symptoms.

Steam Inhalation

By Eucalyptus Oil, The strong aroma of the eucalyptus oil can be used as a vapor inhalation. It helps to open the sinuses & nasal passages. Some research suggests the essential oil, extricated from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree has anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties. Add the few drops of oil to a bowl of steaming water & inhale the steam. It is the best inhalation or steam herbal home remedies for allergies.

Orange and pineapple juice

Many allergies rise in the spring & summer seasons. This citrus loaded drink contains the vitamin C, which can provide relief from seasonal allergies. It also nourishes the immune system. Squeeze the juice of the lemon & oranges and chill for many hours. Bustle in the honey, add some ice cubes, & drink regularly.

Green Tea

Furthermore, green tea contains the compound (methylated epigallocatechin gallate) that has antioxidant properties that inhibit the allergic reactions. If you have spring allergies, you would be benefited by the green tea.

Onion, Citrus Fruits, And Cranberry

Those foods contain the substance known as Quentin. This natural bioflavonoid can frequently found in fruits, vegetables, leaves, & grains. Quentin helps to stabilize mast cells lining the nasal passage & prevents them from secreting histamine, which in turn stops histamine-induced sneezing, watery eyes, & itching.

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